Position of Biden and Trump in Terms of Electoral Components

Strategic Council Online - Biden believes in the threats that Trump has made to US interests and national security over the past four years, such as threats to Iran, China, North Korea, or the threat posed by terrorism, but believes that the approach to face such threats is multilateral. That is to say, he will try again to revive transatlantic relations, including relations with Europe, whether, within the NATO, the European Union or bilateral relations, and also will advance the issue of Iran and Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) within the framework of the same JCPOA mechanism. Tahmoures Gholami – Expert on American Affairs

EU-UK Talks Deadlocked

Strategic Council Online - If Britain withdraws from the European Union without an agreement, it will no longer be able to use the EU market and the two sides will have to negotiate customs tariffs. In such a situation, trade barriers will be built in the ports of both sides, which will make the entry and exit of goods difficult and will affect the price trend. Morteza Makki - European Affairs Expert


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Defense & Security

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Russia the Main Target in Transfer of American Troops from Germany to Poland

Strategic Council Online - Perhaps one of the goals of the United States in transferring troops from Germany to Poland is to divert Moscow's attention to Russia's western borders, forcing the Russians to spend a significant portion of their troops and equipment, as well as their military budgets on the western borders. Seyed Reza Mirtaher - Expert in Military and Strategic Issues

Science & Culture

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Application of Artificial Intelligence in Foreign Policy

Strategic Council Online - As countries turn to artificial intelligence and algorithms to predict events, their foreign policies will change dramatically as they interact with each other knowing that their every move may take days, weeks or months in advance. Such alteration will transform the world of business and geopolitical relations. Reza Majidzadeh - Development Affairs Expert