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Causes of Chinese Abstention in US Trade War

Strategic Council Online: A university professor said that the rivalry between China and the United States on becoming the dominant power is intensifying day by day, noting that the problem is that China's power is increasing day by day, and it makes life difficult for the US accordingly.


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Defense & Security

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Consequences of Indian Government’s Kashmir Decision

Strategic Council Online: A Subcontinent affairs expert says India's decision to change its constitution and revoke Kashmir's Special Status will have negative consequences for the Muslims, noting that the decision could have a serious impact on peaceful coexistence between Muslims and Hindus in India, provide a platform for terrorism by ISIS and al-Qaeda elements in the Kashmir region, and disrupt relations between India and Pakistan.


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US Government Abuse as UN Host

Strategic Council Online: It is necessary to provide an answer to the question that what political achievement US statesmen are seeking to gain by sanctioning and limiting the reflection of the IRI foreign policy messages and what would be the reaction of the UN and the others UN members in the face of this blatant hostage-taking of the White House? Dr. Alireza Delkhosh - International Law Researcher