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Reinforcement of North Korea Missile Capability & Its Consequences

Strategic Council Online- Opinion: After a six-month cessation of missile tests, in September and October 2021North Korea launched a range of missile tests containing an ultra-sonic new missile (a very sophisticated weapon that is being developed by military powers like the U.S. and Russia), a recently developed new Cruise Missile, and a ballistic missile launched from a train. Zeinab Farhadi, Researcher on East Asian affairs


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Outcome of Excluding Ukraine from Russian Gas Pipeline Project to Europe

Strategic Council Online - Interview: A faculty member of Allameh Tabatabaei University, stating that the nature of Russia’s executive plans to transfer energy to Europe is in the direction of eliminating Ukraine, said: Elimination of Ukraine, in addition to undermining the integrity of Europe’s position vis-a-vis Moscow, is a major blow to its transit position and reduces its bargaining power before Europe and Russia.


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Necessity of Global Stand against U.S. Sanctions

Strategic Council Online- Interview: Having pointed out the recent statement issued by thirty countries including Iran, China, Russia, Palestine, Belarus, Pakistan, Egypt, Venezuela and Bolivia on condemning to resort the coercive unilateral measures such as sanctions against developing countries, an expert on the U.S. said:” It is obvious that when the U.S. pressurizes countries under the pretext of sanctions, those countries try to both minimize their dependence on the U.S. economy and maximize their capacities to boost their cooperation with other countries subjected to similar sanctions”.

Defense & Security

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North Korea’s Riddle in Game of Powers

Strategic Council Online - Interview: A senior international affairs researcher, commenting on the targets of North Korea’s new missile test, said: North Korea’s nuclear policy is basically a scoring policy. In that sense, North Korea insists that as far as it is possible it would expand its nuclear technology and build bombs and missiles so that the United States would come to the negotiating table and make concessions.

Science & Culture

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Applied Areas of Artificial Intelligence with Strategic Application

Strategic Council Online- Opinion: Artificial Intelligence refers to a technology which has the capability of contemplation and can imitate the smart behavior of humans. Machine learning and pattern recognition are among the most important applications of Artificial Intelligence. Reza Majid-Zadeh, Director of Simorgh Development, Millennium Plan think-tank