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Strengthening Iran-Russia Cooperation Areas

Strategic Council Online - Interview: An expert on international issues says what has led to further expansion and closeness of Tehran-Moscow relations today is primarily Russia’s interest in using the experiences and achievements that the Islamic Republic of Iran has obtained in dealing with the sanctions over the past 40 years.


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Zionist Regime’s Crisis Making Plans in the Region

Strategic Council Online - Opinion: In recent years, the Zionist regime has tried on the one hand to be accepted politically at the regional level, or as the American officials put it, to “merge into” the Middle East region, and on the other hand, to enter into economic, political and security arrangements at the regional level and beyond. Fatemeh Nekoolal Azad – Expert in international affairs

Defense & Security

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Strategic Dimensions, Implications of US Middle Eastern NATO Plan

Strategic Council Online - Interview: An expert on West Asia affairs saying that in the situation where America has experienced numerous failures in the region and is now trying to shift its focus to East Asia, the formation of a military alliance called the “Arab NATO” cannot improve its capabilities, adding: The political propaganda maneuver of the Americans is because they are very worried about the developments outside the West Asian region and their idea is that they should manage the situation in the Middle East in a way to deal with the external and internal crises they face.

Science & Culture

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Ukraine War; Challenges, Deepening Gaps in Intl. Cyberspace Governance

Strategic Council Online - Interview: An expert on international governance of cyberspace, stating that militarization of cyberspace causes a change in understanding from cooperation-oriented cyber geopolitics to conflict-oriented cyber geopolitics, said: Especially after Russia’s attack on Ukraine, the gaps in the discussion of international cyberspace governance have deepened.