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Need of a “Strong Region” Comprised of “Strong Actors”

Strategic Council Online: The President of the Strategic Council on Foreign Relations said: We need to have a “Strong Region” comprised of “Strong Actors.” Our security and economy depend on the strength of each of us and the strength of the entire region.

Africa, Field of US-China Geopolitical Rivalry

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: In December, a several-day joint conference was held in Washington with the participation of 49 African countries. The purpose of this conference was to discuss common priorities as well as how to develop relations between the United States and African countries.
Hossein Sayyahi- Researcher on international politics

Strategic Consequences of Increase in US Military Budget

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: The US military budget for 2023 with an “unprecedented” figure of 858 billion dollars, which is 80 billion dollars more than this year’s military budget, was approved by the Senate with 83 votes in favor and 11 votes against. This issue has faced many criticisms within the United States.
Barsam Mohammadi – Expert on international affairs






Lebanon’s Presidential Election, France’s Declining Role

Strategic Council Online - Interview: An expert on West Asia affairs saying that the meeting of the five-party committee in New York has failed: The failure that French President Macron experienced after the events related to the Beirut port explosion, showed that France trying to play a role in Lebanon as in the past, does not have the necessary place in the public opinion of that country for the settlement of disputes.

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Dimensions, Implications of Expansion of China-Africa Military Cooperation

Strategic Council Online - Interview: An expert on East Asia affairs stated that due to the reduction of French influence in Africa and the increase of sanctions caused by the Ukraine war, China is rapidly expanding its influence in West Africa and added: The entry of the largest Chinese arms manufacturer in Senegal will increase China’s influence in West Africa.

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Eslami explained in a meeting on AI applications in foreign relations: Importance of Using Specific AI-Language Model for Foreign Ministry

Strategic Council Online - Meeting: The co-founder and managing director of aiAble, while emphasizing that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs should quickly move towards using and creating a language model for itself that can be used for artificial intelligence, explained the importance of using artificial intelligence in Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the way international players can use it.

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Causes, Consequences of crease in ISIS Terrorist Movements in Iraq

Strategic Council Online - Interview: An analyst of Iraq affairs stating that the repetition of terrorist operations and movements of groups like ISIS slows down the process of economic reforms in Iraq, said: security gaps have been created and increase in the price of basic goods and food for the people would take politics to the streets in Iraq and various forces, including supporters of Moqtada Sadr, would return to the scene. This issue can create a new crisis for Iraq.

China’s “String of Pearls” strategy, fact or fiction?

The international system during the past few decades has witnessed the steady rise of China as a new great power and game-changer. For over a century the United States has possessed the world's largest economy, but at present trajectories, China may replace it during the first half of the century and emerge as the leading economy of the world. China’s economic growth has also fueled a rapid modernization of its armed forces enabling Beijing to assert its presence more bluntly in areas of dispute especially in the Taiwan Strait and the south china sea. China’s territory size, population, Geography, vibrant economy, relative stability and growing military capabilities have all helped it to confidently elevate its international standing with improved geopolitical status enabling Beijing to establish itself as a decisive player in global affairs. Hossein Ebrahim Khani - Former ambassador, and research fellow at the IPIS, Tehran