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Prospect of NATO Presence in Persian Gulf

Strategic Council Online – An expert on geopolitical affairs commenting on NATO cooperation with Arab states, especially those in the Persian Gulf, said: Countries such as the UAE and Saudi Arabia since their independence had been under British tutelage and were totally dependent on that country and after Britain withdrew from east of the Suez Canal, the United States replaced it. In fact, the Arab states of the Persian Gulf think that by setting up their bases Western countries would provide them with security, but this is not the case, as we see today that Saudi Arabia is the target of the Yemeni missiles.

China’s “String of Pearls” strategy, fact or fiction?

The international system during the past few decades has witnessed the steady rise of China as a new great power and game-changer. For over a century the United States has possessed the world’s largest economy, but at present trajectories, China may replace it during the first half of the century and emerge as the leading economy of the world. China’s economic growth has also fueled a rapid modernization of its armed forces enabling Beijing to assert its presence more bluntly in areas of dispute especially in the Taiwan Strait and the south china sea. China’s territory size, population, Geography, vibrant economy, relative stability and growing military capabilities have all helped it to confidently elevate its international standing with improved geopolitical status enabling Beijing to establish itself as a decisive player in global affairs.
Hossein Ebrahim Khani – Former ambassador, and research fellow at the IPIS, Tehran

Bahraini Regime at the Service of Zionism!

Strategic Council Online: A West Asian expert says the meeting between Bahraini Foreign Minister and an Israeli official has taken place to solve the problem of the Zionist regime these days especially after the defeat of the “Deal of the Century.” They needed to place sticks under the arms of the Zionist regime and that was done through the exposure of relations between Arab states and the Tel Aviv regime.

Iran and Persian Gulf Security Plans

Strategic Council Online: Commenting on US and European efforts to devise a new security system in the Persian Gulf, an international relations expert says Iran should declare that it is imperative for the issue of oil tankers traffic to be considered on a large international scale and should not be focused on a particular region like the Persian Gulf.

Afghanistan and the prospect of US forces withdrawal

The chronic internal conflict in Afghanistan and the bleak likelihood of a workable peace agreement acceptable to all local players as well as the outside stakeholders remain to be a source of instability in the region and a potential breeding ground for international terrorism posing direct threats at regional and global security.
Hossein Ebrahim Khani

Libya: Scene of Rivalry for Regional, Trans-regional Powers

Strategic Council Online: Libya has now been turned into a field for the rivalry of the regional and trans-regional powers. The plurality of power centres and domestic actors in the Libyan crisis, the multiplicity of interests in the neighbouring countries and in the international environment have created a complicated situation for the country.
Jafar Ghanadbashi – West Asian Affairs Expert

Foreign Interventions in Sudan: Future Prospect

Strategic Council Online: Riyadh and Abu Dhabi seem to consider the current situation in Sudan and other African countries an opportunity to strengthen their strategic interests in North Africa.
Ahmad Bakhshi – African Affairs Expert

US Retreats against China

Strategic Council Online: Washington’s trade war with certain countries, particularly with China was the most important issue that cast a shadow on the G20 Summit in Osaka, Japan.
Tahmores Gholami – American Affairs Expert

Iran according to American Electoral Rivals

Strategic Council Online: Generally, the majority of the Republican Party believes that the United States should not enter into a military confrontation with Iran, and they have repeatedly warned Trump about this issue
Amir Ali Abolfatah – American Affairs Expert

Muslim Brotherhood Victim of Uncertainty Game

Strategic Council Online: The Muslim Brotherhood has in fact been the victim of intimidations, uncertainties and threats from outside regional players in North Africa; as in the past, the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt has been the victim of such a game, and the same is happening in Libya today.
Dr Hossein Ebrahimnia – Lecturer and Researcher

Kurds’ Role in Future of Syria

Strategic Council Online: The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) as the most powerful political-military party of the Syrian Kurds has once again raised the question of autonomy in the Kurdish populated regions of Syria.
Hassan Hanizadeh – Middle East Affairs Expert

Europe and Iran’s 60 Day JCPOA Timeframe

Strategic Council Online: For a possible European response at the end of the 60-day deadline set by Iran, there are two general scenarios: Resuming the strategy of getting the finger on the trigger, or a change in the current approach and full compensation of US sanctions against Iran in the financial-trade area and strengthening of INSTEX and other possible channels.
Reza Majidzadeh – International Affairs Expert

Goals of Ashraf Ghani’s Visit to Pakistan

Strategic Council Online: The most important goal of Mr Ashraf Ghani’s visit to Pakistan is to draw the attention of the Islamabad government and Mr Imran Khan’s support for the peace process in Afghanistan.
Mohammad Reza Asgari Moroudi – Expert on the Subcontinent Affairs

Prospects of US Trade War with China, India

Strategic Council Online: Although Donald Trump should focus on the 2020 presidential election campaign, however his appraisal and that of his team on the probability of a win will make it possible to expand the scope of US trade war to other countries with a potential to generate challenges for foreign trade, technology and markets under the control of American companies.
Reza Majidzadeh – Expert on Political Economy of Development

Aims of Saudi, UAE Policies in the Region

Strategic Council Online: Following the revolutions in Arab states these countries have adopted policies to change the course of the events out of concern over the influence of Islamists or the spread of democracy.

Importance of Security at Strategic Persian Gulf Waterway

Strategic Council Online: Suspicious explosions of two oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman waters on June 13 provide an opportunity to reflect on the importance of securing a strategic waterway called the Strait of Hormuz.
Dr. Ali Karbalaie Hosseini – International Law Researcher

German Diplomatic Movements: Reasons and Objectives!

Strategic Council Online: Given Germany’s economic and political status in Europe, if they want to make a breakthrough in connection with Iran Nuclear Agreement, only Berlin can play a significant role and make other European countries follow suit. But if Germany does not or could not play a role to this end, other countries would be unable to be effective in maintaining the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).
Morteza Makki – European Affairs Specialist

Future of Military Equations in Yemen War

Strategic Council Online: The recent military strikes on the installations of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates will have great impacts in security and economic terms and will compel the two states to revise their war policies against Yemen.

Trump’s Approach in Containing China

Strategic Council Online: The general American policy for the twenty-first century is to contain China economically, politically or militarily.
Ismail Bashari – China Affairs Expert