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Zionist Regime’s Crisis Making Plans in the Region

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: In recent years, the Zionist regime has tried on the one hand to be accepted politically at the regional level, or as the American officials put it, to “merge into” the Middle East region, and on the other hand, to enter into economic, political and security arrangements at the regional level and beyond.
Fatemeh Nekoolal Azad – Expert in international affairs

Shaky Steps without a Clear Vision Taken by Taliban to Acquire Political Legitimacy

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: Although the recent meeting of Taliban elders and religious leaders was held in Kabul aimed at expediting the recognition of Taliban government at regional and international levels, but the government performance within the past months was in a way that makes the realization of such an objective as unachievable.
Samaa Farkhondeh Nejad, Expert of International Affairs

NATO summit in Spain; Europe’s Greater Adherence to US in Confrontation with Russia, China

Strategic Council Online – Interview: An expert on Europe affairs saying that the US used the opportunity to confront Russia and pulled Europe towards itself in the new cold war it has started with China, added: At the Madrid summit, with a harsh and clear language, NATO called China its strategic priority for the next decade and declared Russia a direct inherent threat against the organization.

Evolution in NATO’s Attitude towards Asia-Pacific

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: The recent NATO meeting in Spain on 29-30 of June 2022, regardless of the fact that it was held during the Ukraine crisis and the approach of the alliance to that crisis, reveals the issue of joining new members and the future direction of the alliance is important for another reason which is the presence of heads of four the Asian countries, namely Australia, South Korea, Japan and New Zealand, in that meeting, which are considered as being among NATO’s global partners. This shows the importance of examining NATO’s attitude towards the Asia-Pacific region.
Mohammad Javad Ghahermani – Expert on China issues

G-7 Looks at China Differently; from Competitor to Threat

Strategic Council online – Opinion: In its recent meeting in Germany, G-7 has introduced a new infra-structural plan which is considered, in a way, as a competitor to China’s One Belt – One Road initiative. The objective of the Partnership for Global Infrastructure and Investment (PGII) is to allocate $ 600 billion for global infrastructural projects in countries with low and medium-income within the next five years.
Alireza Samoudi, Expert on European Affairs

Objectives of Joint Communication on Strategic Partnership between Persian Gulf Cooperation Council (PGCC) & the European Union

Strategic Council Online – Interview: Having stated that signing of Joint Communication on Strategic Partnership is the reflection of European leaders’ concern about expansion of ties among countries of the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council with China and particularly Russia at present junction, an expert of West Asia Affairs said:” Joint Communication on Strategic Partnership may prepare a more suitable ground for increased security presence of Europeans in the Persian Gulf region in future”.

US strategy in describing Taiwan Strait as an “international waterway”

Strategic Council Online—Interview: An expert of the Presidential Studies Center stated that the American strategy regarding the issue of “One China” has changed, adding that “the United States has countered the policy of “One China” by calling the Taiwan Strait waterway international.

Intl. Implications of China’s Future Presidency over BRICS

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: Tensions and rivalries between China and the United States have global significance and implications, affecting relations with other powers and even international organizations and institutions such as the G20 or the United Nations and its agencies.
Pouria Nabipour – Ph.D. in political science and international relations

Analysis of Ukraine War in Terms of Geopolitical Components

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: In recent months, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and its various consequences in regional and international arenas has become the main subject of analysts of politics and international relations. A war that has affected the security and stability of Eurasia, the order of international relations, food security, energy security and the like in various dimensions, and since the passage of more than three months from its beginning, there is still no clear end in sight.
Dr. Mohammad Mehdi Mazaheri – University professor

Dissolution of Bennett’s Cabinet and Scenarios Ahead

Strategic Council Online – Interview: An expert on Middle East affairs, commenting on the reasons for the dissolution of Bennett’s cabinet in the Zionist regime said: The first reason is that Bennett’s government was formed in opposition to Benjamin Netanyahu.

Contemplating on Iraqi Foreign Minister’s Sarcastic Remarks about Iran

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: The recent remarks by Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein in an interview with the Egyptian Al-Ghad TV channel about Iran should not be related to the will of the nation and the political system and government in Iraq.
Barsam Mohammadi – Expert in regional affairs

Prospect of Internal Challenges of Zionist Regime

Strategic Council Online – Interview: An expert on the Middle East affairs, commenting on the dissolution of the Zionist regime’s parliament, said: In the past three decades, except for the government of Benjamin Netanyahu, other governments have not been in power for more than a year and a half, the analysis of which is very important.

Consequences of Macron’s Failure of Parliamentary Election on France’s Domestic & Foreign Policy

Strategic Council Online – Interview: Having referred to the failure of Macron’s party in the parliamentary election and the necessity of a constitution of a coalition government, the former Iranian diplomat said:” at this situation, pressures have mounted on the French government and will continue. This is not an easy condition for the government and despite the challenge of generalities of foreign policy seems to be unlikely, but in domestic policy, Macron will have to give concessions.

Turkey’s Strategic Objectives in Ukraine Crisis

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: War in Ukraine showed once again that Turkey is a touch, meanwhile, an uneasy, but necessary partner for the West.
Mahmoud Faazeli, Analyst of international affairs

Challenges Facing New Pakistani Government for Reducing Tensions with India

Strategic Council Online – Interview: A former Iranian diplomat saying that the Pakistani government needs to create the necessary political environment to attract foreign investment, mobilize the economy, and solve people’s livelihood problems, noted: Although the new Pakistani government is trying to take steps to improve relations with India, the current situation in India and the will of the Pakistani military is a major challenge before this policy of the government.

British Anti – Human Rights Measure in Deporting Asylum Seekers to Rwanda

Strategic Council Online – Interview: Having stated that the behavior of the British government in deporting asylum seekers to Rwanda is a blatant violation of international conventions, an expert of European affairs said:” Now, that Britain has been tested for her behavior on asylum seekers, it proved it cannot admit even such a small number of them”.

US Strategy; Non-Return of Russia-Europe Relations to before Ukraine Crisis

Strategic Council Online – Interview: An expert on Russia affairs said that the tension and hostility between Russia and Europe has reached a level that its return to the time before the war in Ukraine is practically impossible, adding: The EU adherence to the US strategic reservations against Russia, despite high economic losses of Europe and Russia, will still continue.

Prospect of Forming Government in Iraq after Withdrawal of Sadr Movement from Political Process

Strategic Council Online – Interview: An expert on Iraq affairs, stating that the current situation leads the Shiite currents to form a government, noted: Shiite groups seek to form a government with the opportunity that has been created, and increasing the number of seats will give them this opportunity, but it is not clear what policy the Sadr Movement wants to pursue outside the political process towards the formation of the government.

Challenges Facing Democrats on Biden’s Declining Popularity

Strategic Council Online – Interview: An expert on US affairs says the Democrats are facing the challenge of unpopularity and are likely to lose seats in the mid-term congressional elections. He added: The internal situation in the United States is very chaotic for a variety of reasons, and its distorted image has negatively affected its soft power in the world.