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The Cyber weakness and the US concern over Russia and China

Strategic Council Online—Interview: An expert of international issues says on the US concern about the Cyberwar with Russia that “in recent years, the issue of technological and cyber competition with Russia and even China is one of the most important issues in the domestic circles of the United States.”

Strategic Goals to Strengthen NATO Presence in Iraq

Strategic Council Online – An analyst of Iraq affairs called the presence of NATO forces in Iraq contrary to the principle of sovereignty and a factor in increasing internal disputes in that country and said: Iraqi groups, the Iraqi parliament, and the government of Mr. Al-Kazemi should note that there is no difference between the NATO and the United States and, while considering strategic implications of that presence, they must confront NATO forces with a more prudent policy.

Consequences of Hashd al-Shabi march and its strategic dimensions

Strategic Council Online—Interview: An analyst of Iraq issues says the Hashd al-Shabi march marked the celebration of the admission of this force as an independent force in future, adding that the United States has reached the conclusion that Hashd al-Shabi will be an inseparable force of Iraq military in future and that’s why their approach has changed from dissolving Hashd al-Shabi to changing its nature.

Need to Be Vigilant towards Fragile Situation in Caucasus

Strategic Council Online – A senior researcher at the Presidential Center for Strategic Studies, referring to the fragile situation in the Caucasus, said that taking advantage of the post-Karabakh ceasefire agreement requires cooperation, integration and negotiations among countries in the region and raising issues such as establishing a military base in that region is not a path to lead to convergence and cooperation in the Caucasus region.

Role of Drones & variety of their missions in forthcoming wars

Strategic Council Online- In the light of technology advancement and military strategies, the armed forces throughout the world are concentrating on the promotion of their capabilities in the creation and application of drones and also guided robots on sea and air.
Abed Akbari, International Analyst

Navy Strategy with a Glance at Mission in Atlantic Ocean

Strategic Council Online – Commander of the Iranian Navy, stating that the presence of the Iranian squadron in the Atlantic Ocean is the largest navigation in the history of Iran, said: I believe that the center of gravity of the global naval power is shifting in favor of regional powers and this is the rise of the Iranian Islamic civilization, which has been taken to the sea, and it certainly creates great opportunities for Iran.

Strategy of ISIS Terrorist Group in Iraq

Strategic Council Online – Ahmad Mousa al-Abadi, the official spokesman for the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity, announced on Wednesday, June 16 that power transmission network lines in Diyala Province were out of service; because they were targeted by the ISIS terrorist attacks.
Alireza Majidi – Expert on Iraqi affairs

US Strategy to Prevent Russia-China Alliance

Strategic Council Online – A university professor, noting that the United States is concerned about the unification of Russia and China, said: The double pressure that we are witnessing from the United States on Russia, as well as creating numerous and continuous political crises, is aimed at leading Russia to the direction that finally it makes the commitment in the talks that it will not interfere in the US-China conflict.

The victory of Axis of Resistance in Gaza War; Strategic Consequences & Messages

Strategic Council Online- Zionist regime could not stand longer than 12 days against the Axis of Resistance and Islamic Jihad in Gaza. Netanyahu who was dreaming of victory in the Gaza war and was trying to shorten the process to attain victory through prolongation of the war, had to accept a ceasefire due to the resistance of Palestinian groups. It is a major victory for the axis of resistance to the real sense of the word.
Barsam Mohammadi, International political analyst

Biden Seeks Third Way in Korean Peninsula

Strategic Council Online – North Korea is among the main issues included in the US foreign policy agenda in recent decades.
Mohammad Javad Ghahremani – PhD in international relations, University of Tehran

UAE and Saudi Arabia Efforts to Reduce Tension Between India and Pakistan

Strategic Council Online- Formation of a block including India, Middle-East, and Zionist regime could be considered as a turning point of integration of the two regions, i.e. sub-continent and middle-east. Middle-east Arab countries had already put their weight behind Pakistan, but ever since the strategic relations between India and the Zionist regime and UAE parallel with recognition of the Zionist regime by UAE, the structure of regional and trans-regional interactions changed. Thus, Arabs and New Delhi rushed mutually towards each other.
Dr. Maede Karimi Ghohroudi- Asia Expert

State of Reaction to Israel’s Breach of Russian Red Lines in Syria

Strategic Council Online – The recent attacks by Israeli jet fighters on areas in the northwest of Syria are a serious warning for the beginning of a new round of the regime’s disputes with Russia in Syria. Until recently, relations between Russia and the Zionist regime in Syria, according to Moscow’s considerations, were defined on the basis of the principle of coordination in some areas of security and intelligence, but with the recent Zionist regime invasion of areas northwest of Syria, where Russian forces are stationed, the previous coordination will be undermined.
Hamid Khoshayand – Analyst of international affairs

Developments in South Caucasus and Possibility of New Tensions

Strategic Council Online – An expert and analyst on Caucasus affairs, referring to the role of regional and trans-regional powers in the South Caucasus, said: There are issues and crises in the South Caucasus region, tensions have been frozen and if not properly managed, it is likely that the fire of ethnic and regional and perhaps international conflicts in this region would flare up again.

Strategic considerations in Russia’s attacks and defenses against Ukraine

Strategic Council Online—Interview: An analyst of Russia affairs says the recent military movements of Russia near the border with Ukraine were a reaction to the feeling of threat posed by Washington against Moscow, adding that Russian officials tried to preempt what they had predicated about a change in the US policy towards Moscow during the Biden presidency.

Consequences of the dangerous game of the Zionist regime to undermine Iran’s national security

Strategic Council Online—Opinion: The national security of the Islamic Republic of Iran is considered as the “main redline “of Iran in the regional, international, bilateral and multilateral environments. This very significant and key element guarantees the life and survival and sustainability of Iran and its political system against physical and non-physical foreign and domestic threats especially under the present circumstances in which crises and turbulences have surrounded Iran and the Islamic Republic of Iran is exposed to threats from all sides. National security is so much strategically significant and fundamental that Iran would mobilize all the necessary tools, on the basis of its right of self-defense, to counter threats against its national security.
Hamid Khoshayand—analyst of international issues

Sabotage in Natanz Nuclear Facilities and the Question of Deterrence

Strategic Council Online – A faculty member of the Institute for Strategic Studies, says that preventing enhancement of capabilities that could create deterrence against Israel’s capabilities and bring Israel’s deterrence under question is the regime’s consistent policy. He added: If strategic patience is interpreted as not responding, there may be more damage to Iran’s national interests and security.

Turkey’s Efforts to Maintain Presence in Libya, Prospect of Negotiations with Egypt

Strategic Council Online – A university professor said that Turkey and Egypt are forced to negotiate on issues of common interests in the Mediterranean and North Africa, adding: It is likely that in the near future we will see the start of negotiations and somehow redefine cooperation between Egypt and Turkey, the two active actors in the Libyan equation.

US Role in Recent Russia-Ukraine Tensions

Strategic Council Online – New movements on the Russian-Ukrainian borders are more related to the resurgence of traditional differences and geopolitical rivalries between Russia and the United States than to the Moscow-Kiev bilateral relationship.
Shoaib Bahman – Expert on Russian affairs