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Reasons for Central Banks to Increase Gold Reserves

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: The central banks in various countries have recently begun to increase their gold reserves, so that the reserves of this precious metal have reached their highest level in the last three decades. Such a trend becomes even more important when the measure of the central banks coincides with a reduction in the US dollar assets and in the midst of Federal Reserve meetings to decide on the US interest rates and purchase of bonds.
Reza Majidzadeh – Director of Simorgh Development Working Group, Pasargad Millennium Plan Think Tank

Perspective of Armenia-Azerbaijan Republic Border Talks

Strategic Council Online – Interview: The head of the Caucasus Studies Foundation, saying that Turkey, the Republic of Azerbaijan and Armenia are seeking to de-escalate and normalize their relations added: There is the possibility that communication lines will be opened under the control and supervision of Russian forces, and in this regard, Turkey and the Republic of Azerbaijan should also deviate from their ambitious demands.

New German Govt. Policy; Accompanying US in Nord Stream 2 Sanctions

Strategic Council Online – Interview: An analyst of international affairs said that the future of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline project is in a state of ambiguity, adding: The new coalition government in Germany, by suspending the operational process of the pipeline, is effectively moving in the direction intended by Washington and trying to use it as a pressure tool to prevent possible Russian measures against Ukraine.

Requirements of Efficient Economic Diplomacy in Neighborhood Policy

Strategic council Online – Opinion: At the end of cold war and development in many concepts related to international relations, diplomacy was also subjected to change. As economic and cultural issues gained importance, monopoly of security and merely political issues was also reached to its ending and have lost their importance. Thus, based on the necessities of international environment, conventional diplomacy was replaced with newer diplomacies like economic diplomacy.
Hossein Sayahi, Researcher of International Issues

Challenges Facing Britain with Full Implementation of Post-Brexit Customs Regulations

Strategic Council Online – Interview: An expert on Europe affairs said that the Boris Johnson administration will definitely face serious challenges in enforcing customs regulations to control imports and exports to Britain, adding: The European Union does not seem to be willing to make concessions to Britain over Northern Ireland, and it is ultimately London that will have to make many considerations about how to create customs barriers between the two Irish borders.

Activism in Countering International Sanctions

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: The recent advisory ruling of the European Court of Justice on the complaint file of Bank Melli Iran against Deutsche Telekom for breach of contract with the bank shows that US international sanctions against Iran are very effective and influential. While underlining the importance of efforts for returning to the path of interaction with the world, it is necessary that countermeasures should be also placed on the active agenda of the government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs until the time when sanctions are lifted. Therefore, this question remains important that how sanctions should be dealt with in relation to other countries, especially Europe, including those dealing with small and medium-sized European companies that are not subject to US sanctions?
Reza Majidzadeh – Director of Simorgh Development Working Group, Pasargad Millennium Plan Think Tank

Grounds for Economic Cooperation with Countries of the Resistance Axis

Strategic Council Online – Interview: An expert on the Middle East affairs, commenting on the grounds for economic cooperation between Iran and the Axis of Resistance countries, especially Iraq, said: Unlike some media scene setting, there is a great potential for economic cooperation between Tehran and Baghdad, much of which have been exploited.

De-escalation of Tension with Arab Neighbors & Importance of Following up Export Oriented Strategy with Them

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: Heating up the issue of de-escalation of tension between Iran and its southern neighbors in the Persian Gulf, particularly two main players of the regional bloc. i.e. Saudi Arabia and UAE, have bolded trade element, economic cooperation and the necessity of export promotion to Arab countries of the Persian Gulf ahead of the perspective to this end.
Dr. Kamran Karami, Expert on Arab Peninsula affairs

Impact of Recession on Intensification of Anti-Arab Stance in Turkey

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: The abortive coup in Turkey in 2016 and Erdogan’s policies in the region have caused the consequences to affect the economy and livelihood of the Turkish people who, in recent months, have seen a 20 percent inflation rate and a record low devaluation of the lira. Meanwhile, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan believes that keeping interest rates low could offset the 20% inflation rate, a view that has left its mark on the Turkish real estate market.
Hassan Ashrafi – Researcher on Turkey affairs

Prospects of Using National Currencies in Trade with Neighboring Countries

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: Given the US unilateral sanctions, can trade with the neighboring countries on the basis of national currencies be considered as a solution to mitigate effects of the sanctions?
Reza Majidzadeh – Simorgh Development Working Group, Pasargad Millennium Plan Think Tank

Iran Gas Swap with Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan Brings Strategy of Zionist Regime under Question

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: The importance, opportunities and benefits that Iran’s gas swap agreement with Turkmenistan and the Republic of Azerbaijan enjoys have caused concern for the Zionist regime, as the agreement is in opposition to the Israeli plans in the region that seek to destroy and weaken Iran’s foreign relations, especially with Central Asian and South Caucasus countries.
Barsam Mohammadi – Expert on regional affairs

Turkey Faces Difficult Economic Conditions

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: Success of the Justice and Development (AK) Party, led by Recep Tayyip Erdogan, was due to economic growth and improved living conditions of the people, which had made the party and its leadership victorious in all the electoral process over the years, but the protests and public reactions in all walks of life and rising unemployment in Turkey, even among the Justice and Development Party supporters, are seen as a factor in reducing Erdogan’s popularity and his failure in realizing his promises.
Dr. Qadir Golkarian – Professor, Near East University, Cyprus

Importance of Strategic Deterrence of Iran’s Maritime Authority

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: Operations of the IRGC navy, which was a “decisive demonstration” of naval strategic deterrence, had a clear message that the Islamic Republic of Iran is authoritatively defending its national interests in territorial and peripheral waters and would not allow the presence of any destructive element, especially the Zionists, in this region.
Barsam Mohammadi – expert of international affairs

Saudi targets, motives in holding fifth “Davos in the Desert” conference

Strategic Council Online – Interview: An analyst of Saudi affairs, referring to Saudi Arabia’s approach to investment in new areas of technology, said: Holding the conference on “Future Investment Initiative” and the number of those invited, is an attempt by the Saudi leaders to induce the return of Saudi Arabia to the period of stability and security.

Turkish economy; Opportunities and challenges ahead

Strategic Council Online—Interview: Explaining the most important opportunities and challenges facing the Turkish economy, the head of the Iran-Turkey Chamber of Commerce and Industry said “Although Turkey has made progress in trade and exports, especially during the 19 years of Erdogan and his party in power, however the presence of more than 70 foreign banks in Turley could turn into an economic crisis for the country if sanctions are imposed.

EU and Energy Crisis

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: The European Union is currently facing an unprecedented rise in energy prices which could hamper economic recovery after the Coronavirus epidemic in the Union, limit household incomes, and even challenge the so-called green transition. A set of market, geographical and political components has created the current unfavorable conditions.
Alireza Thamoudi – Expert on European affairs

Outcome of Excluding Ukraine from Russian Gas Pipeline Project to Europe

Strategic Council Online – Interview: A faculty member of Allameh Tabatabaei University, stating that the nature of Russia’s executive plans to transfer energy to Europe is in the direction of eliminating Ukraine, said: Elimination of Ukraine, in addition to undermining the integrity of Europe’s position vis-a-vis Moscow, is a major blow to its transit position and reduces its bargaining power before Europe and Russia.