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Prospects of UAE-Zionist Regime Free Trade Agreement

Strategic Council Online – Interview: An expert on the Middle East affairs commenting on the signing of a free trade agreement between the Zionist regime and the UAE, which covers 96 percent of trade volume between the two sides, said: The purpose of such contacts under the economic banner is to create a Hebrew-Arab coalition in the region and because the borders of the Axis of Resistance have expanded to the borders of the Occupied Territories and pose security risks to Tel Aviv, the regime is trying to change this balance of power in its own favor through political and security ties with the UAE, Bahrain and even Morocco.

What happened at the Davos 2022 Meeting?

Strategic Council Online- Opinion: Yoval Noah Harari in the preface to the book “God-like man; A Brief History of the Future” believes that man today has overcome the historical dangers of war and famine, and that peace has become a stable condition and a new rule. Hence, wars or famines like the past are unlikely or their catastrophic consequences will be diminished.
Reza Majidzadeh-Researcher of the political economy of development

Consequences of West’s Action in Confiscating Russian Foreign Assets

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: EU foreign policy chief Joseph Borrell in an interview with the Financial Times said that the European Union is seeking to confiscate Russian foreign assets to use it for rebuilding Ukraine. He told the daily: It makes sense for the European Union to follow the example of the United States in the way it behaved with the assets of the Central Bank of Afghanistan after the Taliban took control of the country.
Pouria Nabipour – PhD in political science and international relations

Consequences of Energy Embargo on Future Power & Economy of Russia

Strategic Council Online – Interview: A university professor, saying that if predictions made about the state of the Russian economy are realized, its economy will gradually be grounded, adding: Under such circumstances, there will be no change in the polarization of power in the international system, unless Russia is faced with developments like those in the Gorbachev era which is unlikely to happen.

Perspective of Energy Security in Europe

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: Having referred to current trends of developments between Russia and Europe and also international political economy, one of the global important challenges of the present century is the challenge on energy security and resources, particularly oil and gas.
Pouria Nabipour, Ph.D., Political Science & International Relations

Dam Building in Turkey Regardless of Environmental Concerns in the Region

Strategic Council Online – Interview: A senior expert on Turkey affairs, explaining the devastating consequences of Turkish dam building, said: A regional water management institution should be established in the region to help facilitate identification of new and effective methods of water resources management, communication and cooperation between members, creation of a communication network and discovery of more opportunities to deepen cooperation among countries of the region in the future.

US efforts to manage the global energy market by selling strategic reserves

Strategic Council Online—Interview: An international economics professor said that the US decision to bring its reserved oil to market was a temporary solution and could not continue in the long run, adding that it would be impossible to absolutely embargo Russia and in the long term, Europe would move to find alternatives in cooperation with the United States for Russia’s energy and even count on cooperation and investment in Iran’s energy industry.

Prospect of Launching ‘One Belt One Road’ Initiative

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: During a visit to Kazakhstan and Indonesia in September and October 2013, Chinese President Xi Jinping raised the joint initiative of the 21st century known as “One Belt One Road”; he introduced this plan as the main axis of his foreign and domestic policy. Currently, 145 countries of the world are part of China’s large economic project.
Ali Khansari – International affairs analyst

Impact of Ukraine Crisis on Energy Market, Opportunity ahead

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: After the Russian military invasion of Ukraine, two important events occurred in the energy market; first, the negative expectation shock in the field of oil supply, which led to an unprecedented rise in oil prices in recent years and second, the European and American approach to Russian energy (oil and gas) imports has intensified efforts to find alternative resources.
Reza Majidzadeh – Director of Simorgh Development Working Group, Pasargad Millennium Plan Institute

Europe’s Strategic Need for Diversification of Gas Supply Resources, Onward Options

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: In the contemporary world, many and serious changes are taking place in the players and effective variables, resources and control methods in the field of international politics; but for the Europeans, limited access to diverse energy resources, as well as problems with safe and cheap access to resources such as gas, especially after it became clear that the tool could be used as a political lever, has made energy resources and their transfer lines into a very important and vital factor in the field of international politics and international security. In this regard, recent developments in oil and gas exporting countries have increased the importance of the issue.
Mehdi Khorsand – Expert on Eurasia affairs

Electricity Crisis in Iraq; US Policy

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: One of the reasons for the continuous protests of the Iraqi society is the electricity crisis in that country, because the amount of electricity generation in that country is not enough to provide the amount of energy needed by the citizens.
Najmieh Pouresmaeili – Expert on West Asia affairs

Foreign Investors’ Role in Political Developments of Turkey

Strategic Council online – Interview: Having referred to the declining importance of Turkey for the U.S. and strategic importance of the country for the Middle East, said:” Having considered every and all conditions, the U.S. efforts to make change in Turkey’s policies, to drop out of Erdogan and to influence the upcoming elections will not succeed.

Attempts to Distance Iran from Energy Trade in the Region

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: Saudi Arabia has been trying to dominate the Iraqi energy market and move the country away from relying on Iranian gas and electricity, to the extent that Iraqi electricity will soon be connected to the national grid of the Persian Gulf countries.
Hassan Hanizadeh – Expert on Middle East affairs

China-Finland Relations in Line with Building Arctic Silk Road

Strategic Council Online – Guest Opinion: It is predicted that by 2030 the Arctic will be without significant ice during the summer. This major environmental challenge could prepare trade routes for international transit, an opportunity that China is pursuing by developing offshore projects in line with Building the Arctic Silk Road.
Maryam Varij Kazemi – Researcher on geopolitical issues

Reasons for Central Banks to Increase Gold Reserves

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: The central banks in various countries have recently begun to increase their gold reserves, so that the reserves of this precious metal have reached their highest level in the last three decades. Such a trend becomes even more important when the measure of the central banks coincides with a reduction in the US dollar assets and in the midst of Federal Reserve meetings to decide on the US interest rates and purchase of bonds.
Reza Majidzadeh – Director of Simorgh Development Working Group, Pasargad Millennium Plan Think Tank

Perspective of Armenia-Azerbaijan Republic Border Talks

Strategic Council Online – Interview: The head of the Caucasus Studies Foundation, saying that Turkey, the Republic of Azerbaijan and Armenia are seeking to de-escalate and normalize their relations added: There is the possibility that communication lines will be opened under the control and supervision of Russian forces, and in this regard, Turkey and the Republic of Azerbaijan should also deviate from their ambitious demands.

New German Govt. Policy; Accompanying US in Nord Stream 2 Sanctions

Strategic Council Online – Interview: An analyst of international affairs said that the future of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline project is in a state of ambiguity, adding: The new coalition government in Germany, by suspending the operational process of the pipeline, is effectively moving in the direction intended by Washington and trying to use it as a pressure tool to prevent possible Russian measures against Ukraine.