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Ukraine War; Challenges, Deepening Gaps in Intl. Cyberspace Governance

Strategic Council Online – Interview: An expert on international governance of cyberspace, stating that militarization of cyberspace causes a change in understanding from cooperation-oriented cyber geopolitics to conflict-oriented cyber geopolitics, said: Especially after Russia’s attack on Ukraine, the gaps in the discussion of international cyberspace governance have deepened.

Necessity of Prioritizing Water Diplomacy

Strategic Council Online – Interview: A member of the Iranian Association on Environmental Risks and Sustainable Development, saying that Iran should define the environment and water as the main priority, added: Solving the problem of water shortage in the country should be done by using a combination of different methods, in such a way that with global interactions and paying attention to water diplomacy, achievements of other countries could be used.

Competition in Space, Necessity of Strategic Action

Strategic Council Online – Interview: The former head of the Aerospace Research Institute, referring to the possibility of cooperation between Russia and China in the space industry and emphasizing the importance of Iran’s cooperation with them to share research, said: Given the nature of Iran-Russia relations, in a situation where the two countries are under sanctions, this is an opportunity for cooperation; as in the past, this cooperation existed, through which great successes have been achieved.

Legal Aspects of Assassination of Ms. Shireen Abu Aqla by Zionist Regime; Crime against Humanity

Strategic Council Online – Interview: A researcher on international laws, commenting on the legal aspects of the assassination of Al Jazeera correspondent Shireen Abu Aqla by the Zionist forces while reporting on the Occupied Territories, said: This issue can be examined both in terms of human rights and international humanitarian law; because deprivation of the right to life in general is a violation of the most important human right that a human being enjoys; therefore, such an action is considered a complete violation of human rights.

Dimensions of Soft Warfare, US Attempt for Brain Drain from Russia

Strategic Council Online – Interview: Explaining the most important aspects of the US soft war against Russia, an analyst of Russia affairs said: US attempt to attract Russia’s elite has long-term goals and prospects, and in the long run will certainly weaken Moscow’s technical and scientific capabilities.

Need to Pursue Water Diplomacy, Deal with Fine Particles through Regional Pacts

Strategic Council Online – Interview: A member of the Association for Environmental Risks and Sustainable Development of Iran, emphasizing the need to pay attention to and prioritize “water diplomacy”, said: Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Iraq, by attracting UN cooperation, should co-sponsor regional agreements for controlling climate change, process of environmental degradation and water resources and water right of all Middle Eastern countries, and even controlling dangerous deserts, which are the main source of creating dust.

Strategy of Hybrid Warfare against Enemy

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: Ayatollah Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, in his remarks on February 8 in a meeting with the Air Force personnel of the Islamic Republic of Iran, referring to the hybrid warfare of the enemy in the political, economic, media and security fields, announced the key to launching a mutual hybrid warfare.
Hassan Hanizadeh – Expert on international affairs

Requirements of Artificial Intelligence Development in Iran

Strategic Council Online- Interview: Having stated that human resources, data, and hardware infrastructures are three arms which must be taken note in order to develop and make applicable artificial intelligence, a faculty member of Machine Intelligence and Robotic Group of Tehran University said:” special attention to indigenous issues in the field of artificial intelligence can be among the priorities which must be taken note. We should not wait to receive these services from other countries.

Necessity of All-out Attention to Promotion of Artificial Intelligence Ecosystem in Iran & Requirements Ahead

Strategic Council Online- Interview: The Dean of Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of Tehran University stressed that artificial intelligence is considered as one of the key elements of economic development and serious changes in people’s lifestyle, leading and management of society. It is a key tool to develop knowledge, technology and new products. He elaborated the impediments of scientific development, the exploitation and application of the technology.

China’s Space Strategy, Its Implications

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: Although China has not moved toward an armed conflict in its field competition on Earth and has pursued a strategy of building dependence and debtorship, but the nature of competition in space is as such that it requires at least confrontation or indirect or even soft war.
Reza Majidzadeh – Director of Simorgh Development Working Group, Pasargad Millennium Plan Think Tank

Applied Areas of Artificial Intelligence with Strategic Application

Strategic Council Online- Opinion: Artificial Intelligence refers to a technology which has the capability of contemplation and can imitate the smart behavior of humans. Machine learning and pattern recognition are among the most important applications of Artificial Intelligence.
Reza Majid-Zadeh, Director of Simorgh Development, Millennium Plan think-tank

Comparative Study of Taliban’s Dominant Model for Governance

Strategic Council Online – Interview: A professor at the University of Religions and Denominations said that the “Islamic Emirate” of the Taliban means non-interference of the people and other groups and parties in politics and social affairs, adding: It seems that in the future, apart from pressuring the Afghan people to implement what they call Islamic law, we will be witness to almost no significant difference between the Taliban government and the governance models in some Sunni religion countries.

Interview with the deputy of Iran Cyber Defense Command (2) A view to strategies of Iran and Europe to combat cyber attacks

Strategic Council Online—Interview: The deputy of Iran Cyber Defense Command referred to the main strategies of Iran to combat the cyber threats and attacks and said “Iran is emphasizing the establishment of a local and domestic cyber defense industry and production of cyber equipment using the capabilities of research and manufacturing sectors in order to support the use of cyber infrastructure and prevent cyber attacks by enemies.”

Interview with deputy of Iran Cyber Defense Command (1) Increased Risk of Cyber Threats in Strategic Competition of States

Strategic Council Online – The deputy of Iran Cyber Defense Command, stating that technological progress, in addition to having different advantages, also creates new problems, said: The United States, the Zionist regime, and their regional allies are working to increase their operational access to our infrastructures by taking advantage of the advancement in cyberspace-related technologies.

Vaccine Diplomacy & Decadence of Democracy

Strategic Council Online- Corona pandemic, its consequences and impacts have caused revival, redefinition and even change in debates and discussable concepts of different sciences such as experimental, medical and humanities.
Aabed Akbari, Expert, International Affairs

Global Competition Vaccine

Strategic Council Online- Limited manufacturing, high demand, and unfair distribution of Corona vaccination have caused intensification of global competition for Corona vaccine.
Reza Majid-Zadeh, Researcher, Development political economics

Reasons for Group 7 Opposition to Vaccination Funding for Poor States

Strategic Council Online – An expert on international affairs, commenting on the indifference of the G7 leaders to the global calls for allocating billions of pounds to end the shortage of Corona vaccine in poor countries said: The recent G7 meetings to decide whether to help the world’s poor countries fight with the Coronavirus have remained a mere political and media maneuver.

Sinopharm vaccine approval by the WHO; a step for breaking the monopoly of the West

Strategic Council Online—Interview: A university professor, while referring to the monopoly and profiteering aspects of some Western companies and countries especially the Europeans particularly in the production and distribution of the Covid-19 vaccines and related discriminations, said multinational pharmaceutical companies are seeking to preserve the current monopoly in manufacturing the Covid-19 vaccine however with the continuation of pressures by developing states against the intellectual property law, they may be able to produce their own national vaccines.

Discrimination and Violation of Human Rights and Secularism in France

Strategic Council Online – Simultaneously with further prevalence of anti-Islamism and Islamophobia in Europe, the French Senate is pursuing ratification of a ban on Muslim girls under the age of 18 to force them not to wear the hijab or headscarf.
Dr. Ali Karbalaei Hosseini – researcher on international law