Speaking in an interview with the website of the Strategic Council on Foreign Relations, Seyed Sabah Zangeneh, referring to the meeting between the Iraqi Prime Minister and the US President at the White House and the statement issued after the meeting, said: “This meeting and the statements that followed, considering the little time left until the US election indicates that Mr. Al-Kazemi and the Americans are in a hurry to take advantage of such meetings and trips.

Stating that Trump desperately needs to take advantage of political situation under the status quo, he added: “Mr. Al-Kazemi also needs such an image of direct US support for himself, and naturally such support cannot be one-sided and only from the United States.”

Referring to the Iraqi parliament’s decision on withdrawal of US troops from the country, as well as Trump’s statement that the US goal of keeping its forces in Iraq is to counter possible moves by Iran, the West Asian affairs analyst said this pretext is not compatible with the demand of the Iraqi people and the majority of the parliament. Although some parties and groups have not voted in favor of the resolution, US forces stationed in Iraq will have virtually no good days without the consent of the majority of the Iraqi people.

Zangeneh continued by emphasizing that the threat of ISIS was practically eliminated with the victories of the Iraqi forces, and thanks to the wisdom and guidance of Martyr Abu Mahdi Al-Mohandes and the help of Martyr Qassem Soleimani and the great support extended by the ruling of the religious authority. “


The presence of American and coalition forces under the pretext of fighting ISIS has practically nothing to do with victory over ISIS nor would it be the case in the future provided that the Americans do not reinvigorate and revitalize ISIS and close their routes between Iraq, Syria and Turkey, then there will be no ISIS to require the presence of American forces.

Illegitimacy of US Goals in Iraq

He added: “In such circumstances, there is no need for the presence of this amount of American forces and it seems that, as various American officials have occasionally said, their goal is to control Iran.” These statements naturally call into question the legitimacy of the presence of these forces and give Iran the right to defend its regional and national security and oppose the US presence.

Zangeneh said that Iraq does not have the capacity to create new conflicts, but the Americans are actually pushing Iraq towards conflict and the scene of these conflicts will naturally be the territory and space of Iraq. This is an issue that is never desirable for the people, the parliament and even the Iraqi government, because it will deplete their power and they will be kept behind the reconstruction of Iraq.


US Efforts to Establish Monopoly in Iraq

Referring to the US efforts to prevent the presence of other countries in Iraq to carry out development projects and Washington’s monopolizing attempts, as well as the issues raised during the meeting between Trump and Al-Kazemi, he added: There is a feeling that there is a big plan to swallow Iraq. This measure is immoral and unacceptable. Because Iraq can embark on the road of reconstruction and development with more facilities and see more positive days, but with this US approach, we will see a monopoly in the Iraqi market. Not only is this incompatible with the principles of democracy and a free economy, but it is not even compatible with any of the principles of liberalism.

Zangeneh said: “They have created a strange situation in Iraq, as if Iraq was a backward, deprived and besieged country, and the United States is supposed to dominate all the God-given resources and wealth of this country.”While Iraq was not and is not such a country and with its facilities it can act as an open market.

Deep Strategic Relations between Iran & Iraq

Emphasizing that the strategic relations between Iran and Iraq are not hidden from anyone and there are deep cultural, economic and political relations between the two countries, the analyst added: “The era of monopoly, domination and hegemony in the region and the world is over and there is no going back. The Iraqi people and authorities are not compatible with such strategies and visions. Iraq can stand on its own two feet, but dominating Iraq and using its capabilities to increase hostility to its neighbours and control them from Iraqi territory is practically against Iraqi interests and will never serve the satisfaction of the Iraqi people, authorities and politicians.”

Withdrawal of American Troops in 3 Years a Delusive Promise

Zangeneh called Trump’s claim that US troops would leave Iraq within three years an imaginary promise, adding: “Given that the Iraqi parliament has not accepted such a long period of time, they can discuss the training of special weapons such as aircraft in very limited numbers.” But for other weapons, Iraqi forces can be trained on American soil, and there is no need for American presence inside Iraq.”

He continued: “In the current situation, the Americans claim that they are at the invitation of the former foreign ministers in Iraq and, unfortunately, they did not respect the resolution of the parliament.” If this is the case, then the Iraqi Foreign Minister should put aside the previous letters and there is no need to establish operational bases in the various Iraqi provinces.

Zangeneh stressed that the Americans had not been able to contain Israel’s attacks on Iraqi forces and had warned even before that: “So their presence is very suspicious and mysterious. Their purpose is to support Israel’s freedom of action in the region; if that wasn’t the case, they should have warned Israel to stop violating Iraqi airspace and not repeating it. These are serious and vital issues that will put Iraq in a dangerous circle.”