US objectives of Baseless Allegations on Iran in Iraq

Strategic Council Online-Interview: A university professor spoke of the reaction of Iraqi forces on self-defense, against the continuation of the presence of the occupying and aggressive forces “as their legitimate rights” and said:’ The US is seeking to reap political dividends in Iraq through projection and alleging Iran to support the groups who plan attacks her positions in the country.

Iran’s Considerations for Negotiating with the Taliban

Strategic Council Online: Iran cannot remain indifferent to the future of Afghanistan, its neighbor, and at the same time, a just and lasting peace cannot be achieved without Iranian cooperation. Iran’s strategy vis-à-vis Afghanistan appears to be continued negotiations with the Afghan government and the Taliban, taking into account the views of other influential groups.
Mohsen Pakaeen – Former Director of Afghanistan Department at IRI Ministry of Foreign Affairs

America behind the Unrest in Iraq

Strategic Council Online: When unrest broke out in Lebanon or Iraq, Americans tried to say Iran was involved.
Hassan Danaeifar – Former Iranian Ambassador to Iraq

Suspension of Peace Talks; Deception of US and Taliban

Strategic Council Online: Former Director of Afghanistan Department at the IRI Ministry of Foreign Affairs said: “We should not consider the negotiations over because of differences of opinion between the United States and the Taliban. We must pay attention to America’s hidden goals to bring the Taliban back to power: A group that could be linked to the ISIS with the help of the United States.”

Kurds’ Role in Future of Syria

Strategic Council Online: The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) as the most powerful political-military party of the Syrian Kurds has once again raised the question of autonomy in the Kurdish populated regions of Syria.
Hassan Hanizadeh – Middle East Affairs Expert

The Complex Phenomenon of Religious Extremism

Strategic Council Online: A senior analyst at the International Crisis Group believes that the danger of religious fundamentalism has risen in comparison to the past, and hostility to Shiite Muslims has also become more central to fundamentalists acting under the name of “Jihad”.

Scenarios Facing Syrian Kurds

Strategic Council Online: One of the contingencies and scenarios discussed for the future dialogue between the Kurds and the Syrian government, is for a part of the American troops to stay in the northern regions of Syria, in which case the Kurdish tribes will face a new dilemma: To continue cooperation with the United States or forge new cooperation with the Syrian government. The existence of this dilemma can further create disparities within the Kurdish groups and prevent them from pursuing the right path.
Jafar Ghanadbashi – Middle East expert