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Challenges Facing New Pakistani Government for Reducing Tensions with India

Strategic Council Online – Interview: A former Iranian diplomat saying that the Pakistani government needs to create the necessary political environment to attract foreign investment, mobilize the economy, and solve people’s livelihood problems, noted: Although the new Pakistani government is trying to take steps to improve relations with India, the current situation in India and the will of the Pakistani military is a major challenge before this policy of the government.

British Anti – Human Rights Measure in Deporting Asylum Seekers to Rwanda

Strategic Council Online – Interview: Having stated that the behavior of the British government in deporting asylum seekers to Rwanda is a blatant violation of international conventions, an expert of European affairs said:” Now, that Britain has been tested for her behavior on asylum seekers, it proved it cannot admit even such a small number of them”.

US Strategy; Non-Return of Russia-Europe Relations to before Ukraine Crisis

Strategic Council Online – Interview: An expert on Russia affairs said that the tension and hostility between Russia and Europe has reached a level that its return to the time before the war in Ukraine is practically impossible, adding: The EU adherence to the US strategic reservations against Russia, despite high economic losses of Europe and Russia, will still continue.

Prospect of Forming Government in Iraq after Withdrawal of Sadr Movement from Political Process

Strategic Council Online – Interview: An expert on Iraq affairs, stating that the current situation leads the Shiite currents to form a government, noted: Shiite groups seek to form a government with the opportunity that has been created, and increasing the number of seats will give them this opportunity, but it is not clear what policy the Sadr Movement wants to pursue outside the political process towards the formation of the government.

Challenges Facing Democrats on Biden’s Declining Popularity

Strategic Council Online – Interview: An expert on US affairs says the Democrats are facing the challenge of unpopularity and are likely to lose seats in the mid-term congressional elections. He added: The internal situation in the United States is very chaotic for a variety of reasons, and its distorted image has negatively affected its soft power in the world.

France’s ambition to lead Europe

Strategic Council Online—Interview: A University of Tehran professor says Paris is trying not to blame France for the confrontation with Russia, as a country claiming to lead Europe, adding that with the Ukraine crisis, Macron’s ideas to rule Europe were completely questioned, which is why France prefers to maintain minimal and symbolic policies and approaches to play its traditional mediating role.

Challenges ahead of Brussels Negotiations on Southern Caucasia

Strategic Council Online – Interview: Director of Caucasia Studies Foundation said:” it seems that the objectives of Turkey and the Republic of Azerbaijan on making Zangezur corridor follow mostly non-economic aspects, while territorial, political as well as security objectives to make corridor will face the opposition of the regional players.

Sovereignty Claim over Aegean islands, Prospect of Greece-Turkey Tensions

Strategic Council Online – Interview: An expert on Turkey affairs, stressing that Turkey’s claims to sovereignty over the Aegean islands will not go beyond verbal claims, said: Turkey feels that so far in tensions it has had with Greece it has been left alone by NATO and under this situation, with warnings it tries to persuade them to judge fairly about the Greek military movements in the islands.

Lebanese Parliamentary Election & Political Perspective Ahead

Strategic Council Online – Interview: The expert of West Asia affairs commented about the recent parliamentary election of Lebanon and its results:” the results obtained was in a way that no party managed to win the majority of the parliament. It means the lists of Resistance Coalition groups gained about 58 to 59 seats and the other party that is in line with the West – Arab axis gained nearly 41 to 45 seats. Amid this, independent groups and individuals also won 128 seats”.

Perspective of the U.S. Strategy to Confront China

Having stated that the U.S. would like to have clash in the peripheral and strategic depth of China, an expert of the international issues said:” in the meantime, the U.S. follows up the decline of China’s competition capability in all fields and the competition will, certainly, turn to a hostility”.

Causes & Consequences of China & Russia Confrontation versus the U.S. on Resolution against North Korea

Strategic Council Online – Interview: An expert of international issues mentioned the reason why Russia and China did not accompany the West on North Korea’s ballistic and nuclear missiles because of security balance considerations and balance of power versus the West and said:” new circumstances in international system caused Russia and China to strategically distance from some of their principles”.

Prospects of UAE-Zionist Regime Free Trade Agreement

Strategic Council Online – Interview: An expert on the Middle East affairs commenting on the signing of a free trade agreement between the Zionist regime and the UAE, which covers 96 percent of trade volume between the two sides, said: The purpose of such contacts under the economic banner is to create a Hebrew-Arab coalition in the region and because the borders of the Axis of Resistance have expanded to the borders of the Occupied Territories and pose security risks to Tel Aviv, the regime is trying to change this balance of power in its own favor through political and security ties with the UAE, Bahrain and even Morocco.

Europe’s Defense Independence in Coma

Strategic Council Online – Interview: An expert on Europe affairs said that the Ukraine war was entirely in NATO’s favor and in favor of reviving the US hegemony at the expense of Europe, adding: Given that Europe has numerous immediate economic and security challenges and is faced with the dreadful prospect of a significant drop in Russian gas exports and high energy prices, the possibility of moving towards mechanisms for defense independence has been brought severely under questioned.

New Step taken by Iraqi Parliament against Normalizing of Relations with the Zionist Regime

Strategic Council Online – Interview: An expert of the Middle East issues commented on the recent measure taken by the Iraqi parliament that has passed a bill which makes it a crime to normalize ties with the Zionist regime and said:” While it was very important for the Zionist regime to have Iraq joining those countries that have already normalized their relations with the regime, but today, we witness that contrary to the will of Tel Aviv, Iraqi parliament has passed the bill”.

Consequences of Sweden, Finland Membership in NATO

Strategic Council Online – Interview: A member of the faculty of the Institute for Strategic Studies said that membership of Sweden and Finland is a turning point in NATO power and the global balance among great powers, adding: Given this level of differences between Russia and NATO, the situation will not return to the time before the Ukraine war, Russia may want to change the situation and, for example, Putin will not participate in the 2024 elections and with the presence of someone else in power, Russia’s position will be adjusted and reformed.

Commitment to the United China; the U.S. Green Light to Prevent China’s Approach to Russia

Strategic Council Online – Interview: An expert of international issues stated that shelfing the policy to support Taiwanese independence is not the U.S. macro strategy. He said:” Beijing, for sure, does not believe in the White House commitment to the policy of United China, and repeated statements of such policy do not have any decisive effect to distance China from Russia and the future of their relations, because the two countries have defined strategic relations between them”.

Legal Aspects of Assassination of Ms. Shireen Abu Aqla by Zionist Regime; Crime against Humanity

Strategic Council Online – Interview: A researcher on international laws, commenting on the legal aspects of the assassination of Al Jazeera correspondent Shireen Abu Aqla by the Zionist forces while reporting on the Occupied Territories, said: This issue can be examined both in terms of human rights and international humanitarian law; because deprivation of the right to life in general is a violation of the most important human right that a human being enjoys; therefore, such an action is considered a complete violation of human rights.

An Analysis of G7 Summit Decisions, Bypassing Siege of Ukraine for Grain Transfer

Strategic Council Online – Interview: An expert on Europe affairs, referring to the efforts of Western countries to use the public opinion of Asian and African countries to comply with anti-Russian policies of the West, said: European governments in order to justify their actions against Russia morally and humanely, are trying to show that their efforts are aimed at reducing the consequences of grain shortages, especially with regard to African countries.

US Objective behind Agreeing to Investment in Northern Syria

Strategic Council Online – Interview: An expert on Syria affairs called the US decision to declare support for investment in northwestern and northeastern Syria as a political- security-economic challenge for Damascus, saying: Under conditions in which the US is re-establishing itself in Syria, this policy is certainly a major project the US has considered under the pretext of confronting ISIS, in order to bring the region to independence and autonomy.