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Political Developments in Iraq, Prospects for Government Formation

Strategic Council Online – Interview: An expert on Iraq affairs, saying that the winning groups in the Iraqi elections do not have a stable theoretical and ideological basis and the only factor of consensus between them is common interests, noted: Analysts close to Mustafa al-Kadhimi’s government have acknowledged that his government was in fact the government of the Sadr movement; therefore, the government that is to be formed in the future will be in line with the al-Kadhimi’s government.

US Dangerous Ploy to Keep Covering Force in Iraq

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: Staying of the US covering forces in Iraq in the future could lead to the escalation of the divisions and internal differences in the country.
Tahmoures Gholami – Expert on the US affairs

Consequences of the conspiracy of “insecuritizing” Iraq and the need for vigilance against it

Strategic Council Online-Opinion: Iraq has entered a new round of political, security and field developments. The safe and peaceful conduct of the parliamentary elections and the announcement of the final results, which in the broadest sense were in the national interest of Iraq, not only did not meet US expectations; Rather, there appeared in spite of the efforts of the United States and some Arab regimes in the region to abort the elections.
Hamid Khoshayand—Expert of regional issues

Perspective of Iraqi Political Developments during Post-Election

Strategic Council Online- Interview: The Expert of Middle East affairs commented on the political status in Iraq after the recent election and said:” Despite political challenges and protests of various trends about the results of the recent parliamentary election, it was finally finished. Saairun trend led by Muqtada Al-Sadr was recognized as the victor of the election with 73 seats”.

Political Sociology of Iraqi Elections

Strategic Council Online – Interview: A professor at the University of Tehran believes that the general arrangement reflected in the vote-counting in the Iraqi elections indicates a serious fragmentation of the Iraqi society in the field of politics.

Iraq in the Direction of New Political Arrangement

Strategic Council Online- Opinion: The result of the Iraqi parliamentary election drew the attention of observers and political circles because it has changed the political arrangement of the Parliament of the country.
Siamak Kakaei, Expert on Iraq affairs

Agreements in the Visit of Al-Kazemi; Strategic Step in Relations between Iran & Iraq

Strategic Council Online- Interview: An expert on Iraq commented on the recent visit of Mostafa Al-Kazemi, Iraqi Premier to Tehran and said:” Mostafa Al-Kazemi visit to Iran was his first visit after President Raisi took office. From political point of view, the visit was made one month before holding the Iraqi election, and is important for Al-Kazem who has made several counselling visits to regional countries.

The Baghdad conference: objectives and outcomes

Strategic Council Online-Opinion: On 28 August 2021, Baghdad was host to one of the most important regional meetings entitled the Baghdad Conference for Cooperation and Partnership. Guests participating in this one-day meeting included high-ranking officials from influential Arab and non-Arab states. The Baghdad conference was highly significant from two respects: first, the level and arrangement of participants that have deep differences bilaterally, trilaterally and on many aspects, second, the goals which were pursued in the meeting at domestic, regional and international levels.
Barsam Mohammadi—International issues analyst

Dimensions, Perspective of Jordan, Iraq and Egypt Cooperation in “New Levant” Plan

Strategic Council Online – A researcher on Iraq affairs saying that Iraq, Egypt, and Jordan have strong economic incentives for trilateral cooperation within the framework of the “New Levant” plan, pointed to the challenges facing the cooperation of the three countries and noted: If the effectiveness of the agreement becomes clear to Iraq, there is the possibility that the cooperation may be extended to other political, security and military fields.

Strategic Goals to Strengthen NATO Presence in Iraq

Strategic Council Online – An analyst of Iraq affairs called the presence of NATO forces in Iraq contrary to the principle of sovereignty and a factor in increasing internal disputes in that country and said: Iraqi groups, the Iraqi parliament, and the government of Mr. Al-Kazemi should note that there is no difference between the NATO and the United States and, while considering strategic implications of that presence, they must confront NATO forces with a more prudent policy.

Consequences of destabilizing US presence in Iraq

Strategic Council Online – Interview: An expert on Iraq affairs, commenting on the continued presence of US troops in Iraq despite strategic talks between the two countries on this issue and approval of the law on the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq in December 2019 said: There is no doubt that the stay of American forces in Iraq will intensify instability in that country.

US Withdrawal from Iraq to Guarantee Regional Peace, Stability

Strategic Council Online – An analyst of Iraq affairs, referring to some issues of concern to Tehran and Baghdad raised during the visit of the Iraqi National Security Adviser to Iran, said that withdrawal of the Americans from that country can help improve security situation in Iraq and limit the ISIS. Unfortunately, he said what has overshadowed common security issues between Iran and Iraq is the continued presence of US forces in Iraq.

Why Saudi Arabia has changed its approach to Iraq?

Strategic Council Online—Interview: An expert of Middle East affairs and assistant professor of international relations in the Human Sciences Research Center says relations between Baghdad and Riyadh have faced many highs and lows during the past several decades.

Internal Unrest, Potential for Major Socio-Political Developments in Saudi Arabia

Strategic Council Online – An analyst of West Asia affairs said that Saudi Arabia is the cradle of ISIS line of thinking and that Mohammed bin Salman’s approach to social reform is contradictory, adding: There is potentials for great socio-political changes in Saudi Arabia, but they have forcefully prevented this by spending huge money and through false propaganda.

ISIS Survivors in Iraq; a Tool for Foreign Players

Strategic Council Online – A university professor said that ISIS survivors are part of the leverage of foreign powers to advance their foreign policy towards Iraq, adding: This view is especially true about the United States, which is under the pressure of the resistance groups to withdraw troops following a decision by the Iraqi parliament.

Negative Consequences of Saudi Economic Investment in Iraq

Strategic Council Online: An expert on the Middle East affairs, referring to the protest rally of the Iraqis in response to Saudi Arabia’s investment in their country, said: The government of Mustafa Al-Kadhimi is looking to foreign investment, especially by the wealthy states in the Persian Gulf, to alleviate economic problems – countries that in the past two decades, with the support of the ISIS and some extremist Sunni groups in Iraq, have always tried to prevent any stabilization and security in the war-torn country.

Saudi Strategic & Dangerous Goals in Purchasing Land in Iraq

Strategic Council Online: An expert on regional issues said that some currents in Iraq, due to pan-Arabism approaches, have shown great interest in the Saudi plan to rebuild Iraqi agriculture, but this could lead to the gradual collapse of Iraq.

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