In an interview with Strategic Council on Foreign Relations, Iranian analyst Abbas Khameyar, underlined that Saudis’ miscalculation has resulted in a scandal and even its allies have taken counter-Saudi stances.

Asked on Saudi Arabia’s aims regarding the resignation of Lebanese prime minister, Khameyar noted recent remarks of the Chief of General Staff of the Israel Defense Forces Gadi Eizenkot in an interview with Elaph News of Saudi Arabia during which he had expressed readiness for full Tel Aviv- Riyadh cooperation in all fields underling that Israel and Saudi Arabia share common interests in confronting Iran; “Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir responded in clear and positive statements that Saudi Arabia is also ready to cooperate with countries who seek establishing peace in the region and have friendly ties with Lebanon; therefore their aim, with regards to their shared stances, is to destabilize Lebanon and change the order in the country,” Khameyar asserted.

On Lebanon’s current condition and how this would contribute to nullify the Saudi’s plot, Iranian expert emphasized that Michel Aoun’s election as president after several months of power vacuum in Lebanon within the political frameworks of the country was considered as Mra great victory for Resistance Front and March 8 Alliance; “Mr. Hariri welcomed the new condition in Lebanon after developments as a great businessmen who has lost a lot due to economic crisis in the country and who used the premiership capacities to end his economic failure; on the other successive victories of Resistance Front in Syrian and Lebanon made him accept the realities; and he even dispatched Lebanese ambassador to Syria and hosted Head of Iran’s Strategic Research Center Ali Akbar Velayati, which were very surprising for Saud Arabia,” Khameyar said and continued “Aoun also embraced Resistance despite the Saudi Arabia’s assumption and his foreign policies were considered clear support of Resistance in international scenes yet unacceptable for Saudis.”

“On the other hand Saudi Arabia failed heavily in Iraq, Syria and Yemen and the recent missile attack on Riyadh made Saudi Arabia to look for a way out; the sole solution was to destabilize the condition in Lebanon; Trump also set the ground for closer Washington- Tel Aviv- Riyadh ties in his visit to Saudi Arabia,” IR analyst reaffirmed.

Khameyar, when asked on winners, losers and consequences of recent Lebanese domestic developments, hailed the crisis management of Lebanon, Hezbollah and Hassan Nasrallah that prevented Saudis from reaching any achievement; “Lebanese president and foreign minister visited several foreign officials for consultations that imposed significant international pressure on Saudi Arabia; yet it is too early to come to a conclusion and we have to wait and see what how the things would go on after Hariri’s return, would he resign or not and who would follow him as the premier.”