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Analyzed review on main political issues in the Middle East

Strategic Council Online: The Middle East continues to live in a transitional and unstable situation. At the same time, the will of the main regional and some international actors appears to be more focused on resolving the existing crises rather than moving towards creating the new crises.

North Korea, a case of the US unreliability

Strategic Council online – Less than three months have passed since the historic summit of the US President Donald Trump and the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un took place on Sentosa Island in Singapore and yet the talks have more or less stopped as the two sides have a series of expectations from each other that have not been met.

Political perspective of 3rd Political Trend in Pakistan

Strategic Council online – Although several months prior to the Pakistani parliamentary elections, it was anticipated that the two powerful parties of Pakistan, People Party (PPP) led by Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari and Muslim League-Nawaz (MLN) headed by Shahbaz Sharif will not win the elections, but it was hardly believed that a third trend will emerge in Pakistani political arena.

Prospect of forthcoming Afghanistan elections

Strategic Council Online: Iran’s principled policy is to maintain stability and security in Afghanistan. Any destabilizing move is undesirable and condemned by the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Where does the American Trade War lead to?

Strategic Council Online: Evidences suggest that US President Donald Trump does not intend to stop the trade war and that the European Union’s attempt to keep Iran in JCPOA has added a new dimension to this war, as Trump has stated that other countries must either have commercial ties with Iran or with the US.

Iran-EU Current Situation

Strategic Council Online: A consolidated European Union can provide opportunities for Iran in an era of confrontation with US President Donald Trump, though EU’s coherence and convergence are vulnerable with the increasing power of the extreme right in some EU member states.

Requirements of an ‘Eastward approach’

Strategic Council Online: As Iran’s international engagement with the West gets complicated, the eastward approach of the foreign policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran has been highlighted more than before.

Trump’s Attack: An Unpremeditated Opportunity for Iran

Strategic Council Online: In the wake of the recent meeting between US president Donald Trump and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, American diplomacy is experiencing an unprecedented breakthrough revealing that certain statements by the American president is purely diplomatic bluffing.

Iran not to negotiate its security: Analyst

TEHRAN, Nov. 23 – An expert of regional issues has said the experience of war and invasion has made Iran self-sufficient and independence in defense might and Islamic Republic would not negotiate on its national security.

Hariri resign ‘a failed Saudi scenario’

TEHRAN, Nov. 21 – An international relations expert, Abbas Khameyar, believes that Lebanon has managed the Hariri’s resignation crisis successfully increasing international pressures on Saudi Arabia.