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Boomerang Effect: How US Instigations against Iran Backfire

Strategic Council Online: For years, the United States incited people in Iran to take to the streets, set things on fire, destroy, kill, and called them freedom-lovers and officially supported them beyond civil protests. The United States announced loudly that regime change in Iran was near so much so that it claimed Iranians will not see their 40th anniversary of the revolution. The United States applied maximum pressure on the Iranian nation by using all the tools at its disposal and expected the Iranians not to survive under the pressure of sanctions and to kneel, and thus the establishment would collapse in Iran.

America behind the Unrest in Iraq

Strategic Council Online: When unrest broke out in Lebanon or Iraq, Americans tried to say Iran was involved.
Hassan Danaeifar – Former Iranian Ambassador to Iraq

Roots of the Recent Protests in Iraq

Strategic Council Online: The US and certain countries in the region are currently trying to mount a wave of popular protests in Iraq in an open sign of intervention in the internal affairs of the country.
Hassan Danaeifar – Former Iranian Ambassador to Iraq