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Dissolution of Bennett’s Cabinet and Scenarios Ahead

Strategic Council Online – Interview: An expert on Middle East affairs, commenting on the reasons for the dissolution of Bennett’s cabinet in the Zionist regime said: The first reason is that Bennett’s government was formed in opposition to Benjamin Netanyahu.

The significance and objectives of the visit by President Assad to Tehran

Strategic Council Online—Opinion: Bashar al-Assad traveled to Iran for the second time in ten years. Although it was not possible to travel at this level during the years of crisis in Syria for security reasons, it has never been able to overshadow the strategic relationship between the two countries or reduce it to lower levels.
Barsam Mohammadi-Expert of regional issues

Erdogan’s visit to Saudi Arabia; Strategic or tactical approach?

Strategic Council Online—Interview: An expert of Turkish issues says Turkey and Saudi Arabia, after one decade of severing relations, have once again talked about a new opening in their relations, adding that Erdogan’s visit to Saudi Arabia indicates review and a new era in Ankara-Riyadh relations.

Raid on Al-Aqsa Mosque; Accelerating Collapse of Zionist Regime

Strategic Council Online – Interview: An expert on West Asia affairs, stating that the Zionist regime by entering Al-Aqsa Mosque seeks to change the Islamic nature and legal and historical status of the mosque, said: Such measures will pave the way for new plans by the Resistance.

Bin Salman’s Attempt to Interact with Syria; Reasons, Necessities and Perspectives

Strategic Council Online – In recent weeks, clear signs are emerging for the gradual change in Saudi Arabia’s foreign policy approach to Syria. There are several reports indicating that bin Salman is seeking to “open diplomatic channels” with Syria. In recent weeks, secret meetings between Saudi and Syrian officials have taken place in Damascus, which have been unprecedented since 2011.
Barsam Mohammadi – analyst of international affairs

Factors Strengthening Position of Resistance among Regional Nations

Strategic Council Online – The recent speeches delivered by Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, Secretary-General of Hezbollah in Lebanon, and Sayyed Abdul Malik Badruddin al-Houthi, the leader of Yemen’s Ansarollah, once again drew attention to the importance of the issue of resistance.
Hassan Hanizadeh – expert on the Middle East affairs

Relations between Turkey and the United States during Biden

Online Strategic Council—Interview: An expert of Turkey issues says it seems that during the next four years of Biden’s presidency in the White House, we would witness more US pressures on Turkey so that Ankara could not act independently outside the NATO framework and the policies of the United States as the leader of NATO.

Reasons for Not Forming a Government in Lebanon

Strategic Council Online – Interview: An expert on the Middle East affairs commenting on the reasons for Saad Hariri’s delay in forming the Lebanese government said: The Lebanese government has suffered from an internal crisis in recent years, especially after the 2018 elections; in this way, the governments that came to power could not form a cabinet or continue to work due to some issues such as internal protests or lack of internal political understanding.

Zionist Regime’s Goals behind Short-Term Wars in Gaza

Strategic Council Online: The Zionist regime by weakening and neutralizing the confrontation power of the Resistance in the Gaza Strip, is trying to create some peace of mind from the southern borders at the time of war in northern Palestine. But field developments and circumstances indicate that Israel is far from reaching the desired security level, and the Axis of Resistance, in contrast, is in very favorable conditions.
Mehdi Shakibai – Managing Director of Qods International News Agency

‘Deal of the Century’: Stabilizing Occupation of the Zionists

Strategic Council Online: The Deal of the Century is known as the new scheme of the Zionists with the help of the West and certain Persian Gulf Arab states to continue to advance their occupation policies in the Palestinian territories. The publication of new details of the deal is not something new and in the past few months we have seen the exposure of parts of this scheme the latest example being revealing part of the deal by the Israeli newspaper ‘Israel Hayom’.

Analyzed review on main political issues in the Middle East

Strategic Council Online: The Middle East continues to live in a transitional and unstable situation. At the same time, the will of the main regional and some international actors appears to be more focused on resolving the existing crises rather than moving towards creating the new crises.

Final Solution for Palestine Crisis

Strategic Council Online: The two-state solution in occupied territories was the shared idea among western states and Obama’s Administration for proceeding peace process between the Arabs and Israel.