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Reasons for Central Banks to Increase Gold Reserves

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: The central banks in various countries have recently begun to increase their gold reserves, so that the reserves of this precious metal have reached their highest level in the last three decades. Such a trend becomes even more important when the measure of the central banks coincides with a reduction in the US dollar assets and in the midst of Federal Reserve meetings to decide on the US interest rates and purchase of bonds.
Reza Majidzadeh – Director of Simorgh Development Working Group, Pasargad Millennium Plan Think Tank

Return of Global Competitions in the light of Coronavirus Pandemic

Strategic Council Online – A faculty member of the School of International Relations at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that the short, medium and long-term impacts of the Coronavirus on international politics, security, and the economy will be significant. He noted: Competition in the field of vaccines and their distribution process in manufacturing countries and their allies has been emerged, creating new economic geography that may be used in future.

Euro Overtaking USD in SWIFT; Defeat of Dollar’s Monopoly?

Strategic Council Online – For the first time in eight years, the EU-based euro remittances have surpassed US dollar-denominated exchanges, according to the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT).
Reza Majidzadeh – Researcher in Development Economics