Ali Abdi, in an interview with the website of the Strategic Council on Foreign Relations, referred to the presence of a large Israeli delegation at the GITEX technology exhibition in the UAE and said: Presence of Israeli companies are always signs of the depth of Israel’s relations with another government. That is to say, the time when Israeli companies have a strong presence in a country it is the sign of the depth of economic, security and intelligence relations.

Saying that relations between the UAE and the Zionist regime are not a new subject matter, he added: One of the main bases of this relationship is in the field of information technology, one of which was the Pegasus spyware produced by NSO and the UAE founded the ‘DARK MATTER’ on the basis of this model and recruited 8200 Israeli unit officers, with an annual salary of 1 million dollars.

The expert on the Israeli affairs further noted: The UAE has created a new unit alongside its intelligence agency called “cyber intelligence” with the same pattern of 8,200 Israelis and the US National Security Agency (NSA).

Abdi stressed that Israel and the UAE have extensive cooperation in the field of intelligence, especially in the area of information technology and cyber information, but the fact is that the depth of this cooperation is not known yet.

He described the presence of Israeli companies at the UAE GITEX as a factor in line with deepening their cooperation, adding: I believe that the relationship between the UAE and the Zionist regime is like an iceberg, of which we can only see the peak, and there is no exact information available. With the formalization of those relations, cooperation will definitely expand and further deepen, and we will be witness to the growing presence of Israeli cyber companies in the UAE.

Saying that the Israelis are investing heavily in the UAE in at least a few areas, most of which are targeted and approached against Iran, he added: One of these issues is about attracting some Iranians who travel to the UAE, and it certainly can be a very suitable ground for trapping, employing and hiring.

The expert on Israeli affairs described the activities of Israeli companies in the field of technology with significant coverage for the Iranians as a serious threat that could pose very dangerous cases and said: They may somehow interact with Iranian companies in non-Israeli covering, such as the European covering.

Emphasizing that Mohammed bin Zayed has a strange mania and thirst for cooperation with Israel to absorb their technologies, Abdi continued: They have a fantasy and unrealistic idea of ​​the technological superiority of that regime, and for this reason, they consider themselves inferior in this regard; therefore, they lack self-esteem and have an intimidating attitude towards the possibilities of the Israelis.

He added that the presence of Israeli companies in the UAE is definitely a security threat to the region.