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Dimensions, Objectives & Consequences of Ansarallah Operations in UAE

Strategic Council Online – Opinion
Saudi-led coalition made an overall attack to Yemen in April 2015 aiming at occupying Yemen and annexing it to Saudi Arabia; but the operation which was supposed to achieve its objectives in less than a month, has lasted nearly seven years and has turned to be a quagmire for invaders. As the recent missile and drone attacks of Ansarallah in UAE, has dragged Yemeni war into a new round of balancing. Today, not only Saudi Arabia but also UAE has become among the targets of Ansarallah operations.
Hamid Khoshayand, Expert on regional issues

Participation in the crime of the UAE with the Zionist regime in the Gaza war

Strategic Council Online—Interview: An expert of West Asia affairs referred to the 12-day war of the Zionist army against the people of Gaza and said even though the war on Gaza finished with the victory of the Palestinian resistance, many financial damages were inflicted on the infrastructure of this region.