Although the list of those who in Trump’s opinion is “foolish” is getting longer the inclusion of the French president in the list is significant for international analysts.

This level of America’s offensive hostility and relentlessness toward France was demonstrated under conditions that not long time ago the intimate relations between the two leaders attracted the attention of international observers.

Since taking power Macron has worked hard to improve relations with the United States so much so that he was recognized by the European media as America’s best audience. The two leaders spoke of understanding and warmly hugged each other at their meetings, and their statements were all friendly.

During a state visit in Washington on April 2018, Trump dusted off Macron’s left shoulder, saying he had to brush off a “piece of dandruff”. “We have a very special relationship I’ll get that little piece of dandruff off … we have to make him perfect, he is perfect,” said Trump, as he dusted off Macron’s shoulder.

The intimate relations between the leaders of the two countries have turned chilly due to some clash of interests following the French president’s proposal to create a European army and Trump’s description of the idea “insulting”. Macron who had based his strategy to influence Trump on personal relations feels the bitterness of its defeat more.

Nicholas Dungan, a senior member of the Atlantic Council, had previously said Macron plays his role well against Trump and instead of humiliating him, he seeks to respect something that can be an effective strategy to influence him.

International foreign policy priorities are undoubtedly less defined on the basis of friendships, but using offensive rhetoric about a person with more than 66% of the vote as president of a country is primarily an insult to the choice of the people of that country and it is an act that contradicts the principles of political ethics in international relations.

Now that with Trump’s reign over America the domineering policies of Washington and its top-down look are mingled with narcissism, their longtime friends and allies are simply called “foolish”!

Former US Vice President Joe Biden said in a speech that Trump was a freak and arrogant and described his foreign policy as a twist on Twitter.

Although Trump’s personality traits have been repeatedly analyzed inside and outside the United States but to analyze his political behavior, he himself writes in a book “Art of the Deal” attributed to him: “Trading is my art” and “the worst thing you can do in a deal is seem desperate to make it. That makes the other guy smell blood, and then you’re dead.”

By unilaterally withdrawing from many treaties and repeated violations of international law so far Trump has shown he has no proper understanding of them, and for him, controversy is sweeter. “I have learned about the media that they are thirsty for good stories, the more exciting the better … The point is that if you are a little different, a little bit nasty, or do things that are bold and controversial, the press will write about you!

According to the Washington Post, Trump is a narcissist who defeats all other narcissists!

Many close aides of Trump have become his biggest opponents today and, as an advisor to the French President at the Elyse Palace put it: “It is obvious relations between Trump and his friend (Macron) have turned chilly.”

Last year, Trump in a Twitter message, referring to the need to lower American wine tariffs in France, said: “On Trade, France makes excellent wine, but so does the US.”

But when he failed to achieve that goal, a message in Twitter criticized France’s move to tax American IT companies such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon, Trump said: “I’ve always said that American wine is better than French wine.”

The tree Macron and Trump planted last spring at the White House yard as a symbol of friendship between the two countries dried up a few weeks ago, and now insulting Macron as the choice of the French voters once again reminds us that Trump who calls himself a “stable genius” would consider foolish all critics and those who say no to his hegemonic profitability, even though they have warmly shaken each other’s hands for years.