Speaking in an interview with the website of the Strategic Council on Foreign Relations, Seyed Reza Sadr al-Hosseini, assessing the strategic consequences of the defeat of the Zionist regime in the Gaza war, said: The main loser of this war was primarily Mr. Netanyahu and then the Zionist regime and its top officials, especially Mossad chiefs and the General Staff of the Armed Forces, as well as the inhabitants who came to the occupied territories from different parts of the world and are referred to as a nation, were the losers in that war.

He added: Although there has been extensive propaganda over the past three decades about the security, military and political power of the Zionist regime, this regime has experienced various defeats recently. In fact, during those years, especially in the 52-day and 12-day wars, the Zionist regime has suffered the most practical defeats.

While emphasizing that the Palestinian resistance was no longer in a purely defensive position during this period of war, the West Asia affairs expert referred to the planned missile strikes on the occupied territories and continued: Of course, there is no real winner in any war, because this regime committed such inhumane acts against the people of Gaza with savagery that they are mourning for a while, despite being happy about the victory they achieved.

Shame of some Arab-Islamic governments, organizations over Gaza war

Referring to the Arab League’s test on the Palestinian issue and the Zionist regime’s crimes in that war, as well as the actions of some Arab governments towards it, Sadr al-Husseini said: Unfortunately, some Arab and Islamic governments and organizations are ashamed of that scene due to their inaction and indifference and should stand by the Zionist regime.

Recalling that the Islamic Resistance had literally won the war, he noted the support of German Chancellor Angela Merkel for establishing contact with Hamas as an important force in Gaza to pursue the ceasefire, adding: In that war, the theory of resistance was once again able to prove that for independence, freedom and pride of the people Resistance can be considered as the best version in the current state of international relations, especially in the West Asian region, and it became clear to the Palestinians that for them this option is the most effective in the war against the enemy.

Solidarity of resistance currents, one of the most important achievements of Gaza war

Sadr al-Husseini continued by stating that about 30 achievements in this war can be considered for the resistance, adding: One of the most important and fundamental achievements of this war was the solidarity of the Palestinian resistance currents that had differences with each other in the past. In fact, this victory was one of the results of a gathering of active anti-Zionist Palestinian movements in Lebanon and their meeting with Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah, Haniyeh and senior commanders of the Islamic Jihad movement, in which a pact was signed between all the small and large resistance movements.

He added: During the operation against the Zionist regime, we were witness to the close and operational cooperation between Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Al-Aqsa and Quds battalions, and even small movements between the Palestinian people, both in the Bank and in Gaza. In that war, even the popular support in the so-called Israeli citizens territories was as such that Palestine could be seen as united from now on, and this was achieved through solidarity and cooperation of Palestinian resistance groups and movements which, under joint command, had adjusted their operational measures and defense.

The expert on West Asia affairs, regarding the US view on the crimes of the Zionist regime in the Gaza war, noted: During the war, we saw the military support and financial assistance of the Biden Democratic administration to the Zionist regime, which provided 700 million dollars directly to the regime. There is also a lot of criticism of the performance of European countries in this war, and some of those countries showed the depth of their dependence on this criminal and child-killing regime.

Netanyahu’s departure from power, strategic defeat of the Zionist regime

Referring to the internal political crises in the Zionist regime and the efforts to remove Netanyahu from power, as well as the pursuit of his corruption case after it, Sadr al-Husseini stressed: By destabilizing the region, he could show the regime’s power to other countries.

He called the suspension of the “Deal of the Century” or its long-term suspension as other achievements of the resistance in the Gaza war and said: The suspension of the plan, which was followed by the normalization of relations between the countries of the region and the Zionist regime, and the interruption of the plan to establish two governments are among other defeats and strategic consequences of that war for this regime; because now there are many changes in the situation of the resistance and this regime.

Significant public attention to the issue of Palestine

According to the analyst of West Asia affairs, the issue of Palestine, which they were trying to be forgotten for the past 30 years, has now become the number one issue in the Islamic world and one of the most important issues for Arab youth throughout the Islamic world; because we witnessed large protests and marches by young people, including in Iraq and Jordan.

Sadr al-Husseini emphasized: In fact, the resumption of attention and the resurgence of the oppression of the Palestinian people for many people around the world, including the people of Europe and the United States, was another strategic defeat for the Zionist regime that angered non-Muslims in different parts of the world.”