Tahmoores Gholami told the Strategic Council on Foreign Relations that the Biden administration has failed so far to fulfill its promises at the domestic level.

“During the presidential election campaigns, Biden made promises which have not yet been realized. In the 2020 elections, the American society was clearly bipolar and this resulted in an attack by the Trump supporters to the US Congress. The expansion of the atmosphere of radicalism and rightist currents in the United States has caused serious concerns among many American political elite and think tanks,” he said, referring to the main problems and challenges Biden faces in the domestic affairs.

Gholami said this is so significant that Joe Biden, in his inauguration speech, stressed on reforming the status quo and promised to heal social gaps.

“One cannot present a final assessment on the performance of the Biden administration in such a short period of time but one can surely state that the Biden administration has a difficult path to take in the future,” he said, emphasizing that removing problems such as social gaps and disintegration requires much more time than four months since Biden came to office.

He said that the Biden administration has also failed in removing the systematic racial discrimination of the American police and has not yet presented a bill to the US Congress to remove the problems and create a new atmosphere.

Gholami added that the US democrat president has been unable to convince the political elite belonging to the Republican Party that there is a serious problem in social cohesion.

He said the US issues and Biden challenges have been more portrayed in the foreign policy sector, adding that “Biden has been unsuccessful to reduce the tension he inherited from Trump in relation to China while relations between the United States and Russia  have even exacerbated compared to the Trump period”.

According to Gholami, the six-year war in Yemen has not yet ended in spite of Biden’s refusal to provide more support to Saudi Arabia in this devastating conflict.

Referring to the election promises of Biden, he said the nuclear deal with Iran has not yet been revived contrary to what Biden had said during his campaigns.

He added that the decision by the Biden administration to continue sanctions at a time when the Iranian government decides to step up its nuclear activities have put relations between the two countries in limbo and ambiguity.

Another issue which has been studied by experts has been the oppositions and obstructions of the Zionist regime which have overshadowed, like the Obama period, the efforts of the Biden to ease the tension in the Middle East. Gholami said perhaps the only achievement of Biden during the past four months has been his efforts to re-strengthen transatlantic ties especially within the framework of NATO.

Gholami believes that Joe Biden has had a relatively good performance in some areas.

“For example, in the domestic front, the Biden administration has indicated that several issues are important. The first one is the outbreak of Covid-19 and the negative impacts of the virus on the US economy. In combating the coronavirus pandemic, Biden is well ahead of his programs and promises and has been successful in vaccinating a remarkable percentage of the American society. As indicated by the US health authorities, conditions in the US shall return to normalcy by the fourth of July concurrent with celebrations of the US independence.”

He added that the Biden administration was also successful in the economic dimension to help resume economic activities, in the framework of an act passed by the Congress, which had been shut down as the result of the coronavirus lockdowns.

Gholami said the issue of environment was also heeded by the Biden administration in the past four months as he prohibited activities which result in the environmental degradation such as mining and oil extraction which had been resumed during Trump period.