Dr Foad Izadi, in an interview with the website of the Strategic Council on Foreign Relations, referred to the polarized American society and escalation of tensions in the literature of the two candidates in the US elections, especially after the debate between them, and said: It seems that if an election dispute between the two sides takes shape, we will be witness to violence in the American society.

He added: Of course, it should be borne in mind that if the votes of the two candidates are close to each other and Trump or the other side declares the fraud, the fight will take place and then competitions will be turned into violation, but if the difference of votes is high there will be no room for debate.

The analyst of the US developments pointed to electoral positions and measures of Trump and his group for making the US public opinion ready for debates on fraud in the elections and the concern of the experts in connection with its consequences and said: Trump’s plan is to lead the elections towards fighting because in the present US system if the elections ends up to fighting the existing infrastructure will help Trump.

Izadi explained: Under the present circumstances in the US, both in the Supreme Court the votes of judges are six to three in favour of the Republicans, and in the House of Representatives, the number of votes is 26 to 23. That is to say, 26 states are Republicans and 23 states are Democrats. In the gray states, out of the 9 gray states, 8 state legislatures are in the hands of the Republicans. In this regard, the infrastructures are in favor of Trump and he should use such infrastructures. Therefore, he should declare the cheating and this can happen when the differences between the two sides are small.

Regarding the possibility of violence and unrest following the announcement of the US election results, the university professor said: The American society is basically a violent society and more than 30,000 people are killed with guns in that country every year. Therefore, there are very wide security and moral problems related to violence in that country.

Referring to official statistics showing that arms sales in the US due to the outbreak of Coronavirus has dramatically increased concerns over social and electoral unrest, he noted that in addition to such issues, in a society where there is a massive amount of guns, if a fighting happens for any reason, guns may be used, which raises the level of fighting from the usual civil fighting in the world, but it should be borne in mind that the occurrence of such fighting is not hundred per cent and it happens when the votes of the two candidates are close to each other.

Outbreak of disputes and unrest after the elections in line with the interests of the Republicans

Referring to Trump’s statement that he will be the loser of the elections only when there is a fraud and to the predictions of the positions of the two sides, as well as the community’s reaction to the election results, Izadi continued: The US elections this year will experience different conditions and its future cannot be definitively judged.

The outbreak of the Coronavirus and its aftermath, and the nationwide racial clashes and protests and the violent crackdown of the police on the protestors in recent months in the US, which caused high levels of violence, has made the condition and situation in the coming months and in the elections more unusual and predictions about the elections more difficult.

He also stressed that despite all the electoral tensions and agitations in the American society, if there is any fighting in this elections, the result will be in favour of the Republicans and Trump.