Mahmoud Dehqan said social and economic injustice in the American society pave the grounds for the gradual collapse of the US power, referring to the main reasons behind such a fall in American power.


He told the Strategic Council on Foreign Relations that corruption would cause any system of governance to collapse if it is based on the concentration of power and wealth.


“It is important for us to consider and study the formation and intensification of inward-generating factors which led to the collapse of the former Soviet Union as well as the current fall in the US power. Domestic corruption has been always a main reason behind the fall of empires. Corruption is indeed the third pillar of the concentration of power and concentration of wealth, resulting ultimately in the collapse of the system from within. This is exactly the thing we are presently witnessing in the form of injustice and inequalities in the US society today.”


Dehqan said the political power in the former Soviet Union was diminished as the result of the weakening of the economy and finally resulted in the absolute fall of the Soviet system.


“We are witnessing economic inequality in the US states. Such inequalities may result in turmoil and the ensuing violence and unrest would be incomparable with the violence and riots of racial discrimination. Some US states enjoy economic power and trade capacities which far exceed several European countries combined. Such states are currently protesting equality with states which are economically weak. This issue will ultimately lead to the collapse of the US system from within.”


Referring to the main reasons behind the gradual fall in the US power, he said economic inequalities and increase in illegal settlements, poverty and homelessness are issues “which like a termite will destroy the strong tree of the US and it will finally fall.”


“Protests against racism and discrimination against the people of color are in fact superficial issues; the main issue is the imbalance among 50 states of the US which were supposed to move in balance. This is the same incident which happened in the former Soviet Union and finally resulted in the collapse of the Soviet system.”


The necessity of considering causes of economic inequality in the United States

Dehqan said causes of economic inequality, discrimination and justice in the United States should be examined and analyzed in details.


He added that hidden conflicts in the United States are the main cause of the US fall and soon “economic rivalries will become evident among the US states and may result in many more issues.”


The international relations expert further said that the escape of capital from the United States is another cause of the weakening power of the United States, adding “some of the regulations passed by Mr. Trump caused people and investors to pull their capitals out of the US.”


“In particular, the migrants felt utterly insecure and many people from other nationalities pulled out their capitals and assets from the US. Such a move inflicted large damages on the US economy. On the other hand, the racist frame of “America First” caused European countries to get united against the United States while the Trump performance created a wave of dissatisfaction and disappointment not among the US enemies but among its allies and friend.”



The US political and military allies are no longer an economic and commercial partner

Dehqan said the “America First” slogan was racially-motivated and encouraged the world against the United States, adding that China and Russia decided to gradually omit US dollar from their financial transactions and markets.


“They are also putting aside the SWIFT system in their financial deals and if other economies of the world also move towards taking similar decisions and measures, a huge damage will be inflicted upon the US economy in terms of saving dollar income in non-American banks outside the US. Therefore, we should not focus all our attention of political skirmishes in the US and should also consider economy of the US as an important factor in its fall. We are experiencing conditions in which allies of the political and military areas are not siding with the US in economic terms. This is a very significant issue. If we ignore this issue, we cannot present a true analysis of the present dissatisfaction in the US and the weakening power of America.”


Referring to some of the measures adopted by Trump unilaterally against other countries, he said Trump has demonized many other countries in the past four years in the area of economy and trade.


“Many pundits are predicting that if Trump is re-elected for another four years, the US will definitely face tensions in the face of the present bipolar rivalries and deep gaps created in the American society, finally encouraging US allies to gradually put aside US dollar in their financial transactions. If the European Union moves towards this direction, as China and Russia are wishing, there will be fiasco for the US dollar.”


Dehqan said if the American economy is entangled in a state of collapse and disintegration, the US power will fall abruptly, adding that “when the economy starts to collapse, it cannot be prevented.”


“Mr. Gorbachev once said on losing East European states that he sold them to inject more money into the economic vessels of the former Soviet Union. However, the Union had already experienced mental death in the 1970 and I was able to delay its collapse for 10 years! Therefore, if the US dollar is taken out of the world’s economic cycle, the same Soviet story will happen for the United States. That’s why the United States consider China as its number one enemy because China has targeted the US economy. The weakness of the US in the international scene is not in the military and security front or the influence of power but in the area of economy and commerce. ”


Heightened injustice in the American society

Referring to some analyses which have tied the diminishing influence and power of the United States to the recent measures conducted recently by American officials, Dehqan said “divine traditions will happen for any nation”.


“The basis of governance is justice and if justice is not served in a society, poverty and capitalism increase and this is against divine traditions.”


He pointed to the continuation of unrest and protests in the United States and said “we see the symbols of injustice in the United States. Unemployment in societies, illegal settlement, rough sleeping in streets and pavements and homelessness have increased by 10 times. We should not look at the American missiles of bombs. But injustice is destroying the American society like a termite destroying a tree. When people lose trust in their government, they will burn the flags in streets, chant slogans against the establishment and seek and help the collapse of their government as they indeed have nothing more to lose.”