US President Donald Trump was among leaders who did not take the coronavirus seriously while so far more than 210,000 people in his country have died from the disease, and he himself was finally defeated by the coronavirus.

Donald Trump’s coronavirus infection, with just one month remaining until the 2020 presidential elections, posed a series of risks and opportunities for him. As for the dangers and problems of the issue, the disease showed that Trump himself is also vulnerable to this virus. As a result, after Trump’s illness, his actions in controlling the disease, his secrecy, his underestimating the case, his ridicule of wearing the mask, and his failure in observing health protocols were all increasingly criticized. Another issue was that Trump missed several important days of campaigning due to hospitalization, while his rival, Joe Biden, continued his campaign trips during those days.

Now that Trump has returned to the White House, it is still unclear whether he will be able to make state travels or participate in debates due to his illness. Thus, as a result, the excitement in the Trump campaign has waned.

At the same time, the disease created opportunities for Donald Trump; among other things, it became clear among his supporters that Trump, unlike Biden, is not a coward person, he is at the forefront of the fight against Corona, despite his illness he would continue his activities, has not shut down the administration and has sacrificed himself, so to speak, for the nation in an effort to run the wheels of the administration. Another point is that after his release, Trump appeared as if he was a champion or a person who had defeated the dangerous virus and had been able to get out of the hospital. The US President also made a number of dramatic moves in this regard; for example, he rode in a car amid his supporters and showed that he respected the admiration he received from his supporters.

These cases are all positive messages to the Republican Donald Trump supporters that he is a man of will and ability to defeat the disease.

In the meantime, it should be noted that American social culture is also superhero breeder; that is to say, the Americans are fascinated by the fact that one alone can fight the evils and problems and make America proud.

Of course, the polls are not in Trump’s favour right now; in fact, within a week, Joe Biden’s distance from Donald Trump in the total polls published by the RCP site increased by about three percent, from 6.1 to 9.2 percent. This trend is not good news for Trump if it continues. However, the polls cannot be taken for granted to say that public opinion have become against Trump.

Even now, if Trump returns to the campaign, the verbal attacks and the war and the electoral disputes between him and Biden will intensify, and there is the possibility that Trump will be able to change this trend.

At the other end of the rivalry is Joe Biden, whose condition has also been affected by Trump’s illness. For Biden, too, this rival disease was both an opportunity and a risk. Opportunity because his opponent was hospitalized for a few days, while Biden was able to travel and make electoral speeches for a few days. In other words, in the absence of the rival, media attention has been focused solely on the Democrat Joe Biden.

Also, after the first person of America was infected with the Coronavirus, Biden’s arguments and concerns that one should wear a mask, protocols should be observed, and in general, one should be careful, were welcomed by many because Biden had previously been accused of excessive obsession.

However, there are also threats to Biden, including the possibility of affecting the disease before the elections. While Trump’s supporters see Biden as a coward and soul-loving person and believe that a leader should come to the scene and risk his life even if necessary, therefore this state of being cautious under such a situation is not pleasant for some spectrum of the American people.