Ambassador Khalil Zad tried a lot and he made a new deal with Taliban on February 29, 2020. In this Agreement, the two sides agreed to make peace after releasing All of Taliban’s Prisoners by Afghan Government.

Afghan Government were not allowed to participate in the negotiations between The U.S and Taliban, so after signing the agreement, Ashraf Ghani set a new condition in front of this deal. When Trump noticed Afghan government activities had sabotaged the peace process, he sent his foreign minister secretary general. Mike Pompeo to Kabul to negotiate and persuade the Afghan Government. Over the Pompeo’s meeting, he threatened Afghans by cutting their budget by 1 billion dollars. After Pompeo’s visit, the peace process accelerated and most of Taliban’s prisoners were arrested by government released and just 400 prisoners remained in prison and Ashraf Ghani declared  these prisoners all dangerous and Louis Jirga should order the releasing of them. This is another obstacle in front of the peace process that Trump is following it. So After holding Luis Jirga, the delegation of Afghans declared there is no problem about releasing these people. They issued a political statement and asked to Afghan government to release the remaining prisoners. But after a few days, Australia and also France government ask Ashraf Ghani not to release some prisoners because they killed some of France and Australian’s soldiers in Afghanistan battle.

Right Now, we see the Intra-Afghans negotiations have stopped and both sides are waitting for the future. Therefore the main question is why France opposed releasing the Taliban prisoners by Ashraf Ghani?

Over the negotiation between Khalil Zad as the special envoy of The U.S and Taliban, the EU tried to engage and influence the negotiations and share the Europe Concerns about future of Afghanistan with other countries who are playing the main role in Afghanistan. The EU delegates, Ambassador Roland Kobia who is the EU special envoy to Afghanistan and also Ambassador Markus Potzel, Germany’s special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan have traveled to this region for many times and they held meetings with officials and talked about mutual concerns about Afghanistan. The European Union tried to play a significant role in the new deal between the U.S and Taliban, but Khalil Zad didn’t allow Europe to play the main role in the negotiations and faded Europe role in political process. Well, The European’s concerns about Afghanistan are not included in the US-Taliban agreement.

European countries and the E.U use Iran and Afghanistan’s issues to answer the U.S unilateral actions. Probably everybody remembers when Bush administration made a decision to attack Iraq, and Afghanistan after Al-Aqedah carried out an attack on the World Trade Organization Twin Towers. G.W.Bush the former president of the U.S, didn’t consult with any of the European Countries and he didn’t pay attention to the position of the Security Council on Iraq and Afghanistan. Bush unilaterally attacked Iraq and Afghanistan  and after this invasion, the European Troika decided to confront The U.S by involving in Iran’s Nuclear Issues. So they confronted the unilateralism created by the United states.