Ali Abdi told the website of the Strategic Council on Foreign Relations: “Although an agreement has been reached between (Blue and White party leader) Benny Gantz and (Israel’s Prime Minister) Benjamin Netanyahu that each of them will be in power for a year and a half so that maybe they get out of this situation since the Supreme Court has not yet upheld the Knesset’s decision and they are awaiting the Supreme Court’s ruling on whether someone like Netanyahu, who has extensive corruption cases deserves to be prime minister or not.

Corona Further Complicates Zionist Regime’s Political Status

The expert in Zionist regime’s affairs said: “This has made the situation very complicated, and the coronavirus outbreak and its management has practically made the political situation more complicated and plunged it into ambiguity.”

Stressing that the sum of these issues has raised concerns among residents of these areas, he said Netanyahu’s government is working hard to pretend it is successful in managing the coronavirus crisis. Nevertheless, while the number of new cases has dropped to zero in recent days, it’s too early to pass any judgment. Moreover, the regime has a long history of stealthiness and spreading misinformation. Therefore, we need more time to evaluate this issue.

Referring to the economic consequences of the coronavirus outbreak in the Occupied Territories and stressing that the economy is the top priority for the Zionist regime’s citizens, Abdi added it may be said that if the importance of the economy is not higher than that of security to them, it is not lower. Israelis are more economically motivated than politically, and they care a lot about their livelihood. This ambiguity has overshadowed their livelihood.


Rising Unemployment, Dissatisfaction Due to Coronavirus Outbreak

The expert went on to say: “According to the latest statistics announced two weeks ago, the population of Israel has reached about 9 million about 20 per cent of which is non-Jewish. Of the remaining 80 per cent, about 1.8 million people have become unemployed and have applied for unemployment insurance. This has made the situation very complicated. Of course, with the skills that this regime has in controlling such conditions, it tries not to let the dissatisfaction emerge.

Abdi added: “Although two rallies have been held at Rabin Square in Tel Aviv to protest against Netanyahu’s re-election, we have not yet seen any social protests over economic issues. With the continuation of this situation, the political and economic rupture will intensify and will even have uncontrollable impacts within the Zionist regime.

Possibility of Zionist Regime’s manoeuvring over West Bank Annexation

Referring to the Zionist regime’s efforts to annex the West Bank despite its domestic political and economic issues, as well as protests by some Arab states in this connection, he said: “Certainly, the position of certain Arab governments in this regard has no weight, and they are rather raising these issues to alleviate the heavy burden of their betrayals.

He stressed what is important under the current situation is that the regime seems to intend to use the ‘Deal of the Century’ plan and the annexation of the West Bank as a pretext to cover up its problems and slackness during the post-coronavirus pandemic era and exploits it as pressure leverage.

Abdi added: “The Zionist regime seems to intend to launch a political-propaganda manoeuvre over this plan. With the green light the Trump administration is showing and his implicit approval as well as Benny Gantz’ stance which endorses the issue, there is a good chance that they would want to follow the case arbitrarily. At the same time, the government of (Palestinian President Mahmoud) Abbas has not shown much serious stance except for the initial one.