Dr. Kamal Kharrazi, in a Tuesday meeting with Sarkis Naoum and Nasser Qandil, prominent Arab journalists and analysts, said: “This vision constitutes the strategy of the Resistance.”
During the meeting, Dr. Kharrazi answered questions posed by these two prominent Lebanese journalists about the developments in the region, especially after the US assassination of Maj. Gen. Qassim Suleimani.
Explaining the logic and determination of the Iranian nation and its Resistance against US plots, the Zionist regime and some reactionary Arab regimes, he reiterated: Looking at the images of a millions-strong presence of the people in the funeral service of Martyr Suleimani, the influence of his martyrdom on the Iranian people is well understandable.
President of the Strategic Council on Foreign Relations, pointing to Iran’s resolute response to US terrorist action and targeting Ain al-Assad’s base in Iraq, which is a major American base, noted: “This great display of power was unprecedented because no country has ever dared to target a US base directly in retaliation for US terrorist action.”
Dr. Kharrazi said that recent events have exposed the difference between t Iran as an independent country and certain dependent Arab regimes, adding that unlike some regional states that have become America’s milk cow, Iran has maintained its independence only by relying on its people and not backing down against any power.
The SCFR President emphasized: “This spirit originates from a revolution that occurred more than four decades ago under the leadership of Imam Khomeini, which we will be celebrating its anniversary next week.”
Emphasizing on the intellectual principles of the Islamic Republic regarding confrontation against oppression and protection of the oppressed, he said: “The Zionist regime and the US as its supporter are threatening Iran and would, therefore, resort to any plot against Iran and its friends in the region.”
Dr. Kharrazi, referring to conspiracies such as the attempts to overthrow the Syrian and Iraqi governments by the formation of ISIS, stated: Had the Lebanese Hezbollah not rushed to help Syria, Lebanon would be clashing with ISIS inside its borders today.
Referring to Iran’s actions to counter the conspiracies of the US and the Zionist regime, he emphasized: The long-term and strategic goal of the Islamic Republic of Iran is the withdrawal of Americans from the region. The realization of this goal, of course, depends on the will of the nations in the region, especially in Iraq and Syria. Of course, the Iraqi parliament has already demanded US troop pullout.
President of the Strategic Council on Foreign Relations, meanwhile, emphasized Iran’s conviction is that regional security must be provided by the regional states without the intervention of foreigners.” We have always been prepared for talks with Saudi Arabia, but unfortunately, Riyadh rulers are not the decision-makers and the US interests matter. The Americans are trying to fish in troubled waters and would therefore not let the Saudi rulers make their own decisions.”
Dr. Kharrazi emphasized the need for a change in the aggressive policies of Saudi Arabia as well as the UAE, especially in the war against Yemen, and noted: “More than four years of war against Yemen proved that the war cannot solve the problems of Saudi Arabia and the UAE, but they need to meet the demand of the Yemeni people and without foreign intervention, and let a democratic government based on the will of the people come to power in this country.”