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Local Election Results: Sounding the Alarm for Erdogan!

Strategic Council Online: Erdoğan’s Justice and Development Party (AKP) secured the highest number of votes in the local elections on March 31 throughout the country but did not win in key cities. The interesting point is that the Turkish president, for the first time in his political life, is tasting defeat and maybe this is the beginning of the end of the authority of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the undisputed leader of the Justice and Development Party and the Turkish president.
Firouz Dawlat Abadi – Former IRI Ambassador to Turkey and Expert on Regional Affairs

Sudan: People’s Revolution or Palace Revolution?

Strategic Council Online: What took place in Sudan after Omar al-Bashir stepped down from power has attracted the attention of the world these days. The reality is that the country is prone to civil war between the various parties, which could be a threat to regional security.
Kourosh Fakhr Tavoli – African Affairs Expert

Netanyahu’s Agenda for New Term

Strategic Council Online: Benjamin Netanyahu will try to portray himself as the top player in the region in his new term as prime minister and to make up for his past defeats in Gaza through adventurism and escalation of movements against Syria and the Hezbollah.
Hassan Hanizadeh – Middle East Expert

Impact of Local Election Results on Erdogan’s Policies

Strategic Council Online: Generally speaking, municipal elections, despite the relative success of the Justice & Development Party, exposed challenges between political parties and groups in Turkey.
Siamak Kakai – Turkish Affairs Expert

Consequences of US Action Against IRGC, Contrary to International Law

Strategic Council Online: Putting the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) on the list of terrorist groups by the US and Iran’s designation of the US Central Command (CENTCOM) on the same list would increase the possibility of military confrontation between the two sides either intentionally or unintentionally. It can be said that it is now the most sensitive and the most dangerous juncture in the relationship between Iran and the United States which could lead to a military encounter.
Amir Ali Abolfatah – American Affairs Expert

Components Affecting the Venezuelan Crisis

Strategic Council Online: Street demonstrations in Venezuela are still continuing, while the crisis is becoming more internationalized day by day.
Hadi Aalami Fariman – Venezuelan Affairs Specialist

US Approach on Peace Negotiations with the Taliban

Strategic Council Online: It seems that the US intends to nominate Zalmay Khalilzad as a presidential candidate upon the coming to power of an interim government in Afghanistan. Given the lobbies that the US has had over the past year with some political and ethnic currents in Afghanistan, Washington wants Khalilzad to take over the Afghan presidency as a figure that has restored peace to Afghanistan.
Mohammadreza Asgari Murudi – Expert on Afghanistan Affairs

Securing Iran-Pakistan Border

Strategic Council Online: Commitment in political relations is costly for the committed party, and given this assumption, political relations and cooperation between Islamabad and Tehran should be analyzed in a concrete and dedicated manner.

Iran-Iraq Strategic Alliance

Strategic Council Online: The recent three-day visit of Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani to Iraq is a clear sign that a new chapter has been opened in the strategic relations between Tehran and Baghdad. This is an indication that bilateral ties between the two countries have entered a sustainable and very crucial stage. Relying on the good cooperation between the two sides over the past 15 years, the two sides have now entered a much wider and more productive partnership.
Jafar Ghanadbashi – Middle East Affairs Expert

Outlook of UK Exit from the European Union

Strategic Council Online: The United Kingdom had three options to pick up from. First to implement the initiative without the agreement of the EU; secondly, to pursue a deal with the European Union, which is a very difficult task; and thirdly, to hold another referendum, while Theresa May’s party is totally opposed to the idea.
Ali Bigdeli – Expert on European Affairs

Intra-Islamic Civilization Dialogue as a Strategy

Strategic Council Online: ‘Returning to Islamic civilization in the Muslim world today is a proper response to the identity crisis, which is being suffered by all Muslim nations’, the President of the Strategic Council of Foreign Relations said.

Dialogue among Major Countries of Islamic World

Strategic Council Online: Intra-Civilizational dialogue between states under the leadership of major Islamic countries such as Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Egypt is one of the requirements of a future discourse to overcome the current problems of the Islamic World.

Political Insight and Regional Cooperation

Strategic Council Online: The President of Strategic Council on Foreign Relations said illusionary Iranophobia made by the United States, with the cooperation of the Zionist regime, resulted not only in the plunder of the wealth of Arab states but also it produced the normalization of their relations with the Zionist regime.

New White House Scenario in Latin America

Strategic Council Online: As Venezuela’s political future is in a state of uncertainty these days, Caracas is engaged in the execution of Washington’s new scenario in Latin America.

Prospects of Launching a European Army

Strategic Council Online: The leaders of France and Germany on January 22 signed a pact renewing their countries’ friendship after 56 year. Thus, the two leaders announced their resolve to play a new role in the Green Continent.

Another Victory for the People of Yemen

Strategic Council Online: Despite a ceasefire agreement the Coalition of aggressors against Yemen continues its obstructions and attacks on civilian areas. Also, the Stockholm conference has not achieved tangible results to end the five-year crisis in Yemen.

Brexit: An Island Caught by Ebb & Flow!

Strategic Council Online: British Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal has been rejected by 230 votes – the largest defeat for a sitting government in history.