SCFR President, currently on a visit to Moscow, met with the Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Federation Council (Upper House of the Russian Parliament) Konstantin Kosachev.

Kosachev expressed satisfaction over the development of relations between Iran and Russia, saying that although Iran has been under US pressures because of the sanctions for some time, these pressures have not hindered the promotion of relations between Tehran and Moscow, and thankfully, relations between the two countries are expanding in all areas.

He hailed Iran’s important regional and international role, noting that many regional and global issues cannot be resolved without the presence of Iran.

Dr. Kharrazi, referring to the US sanctions, said: “Russia is a member of the JCPOA and has been working to maintain it; According to IAEA reports, Iran has so far complied with its obligations, but unfortunately, so far, the JCPOA has had no benefit for Iran because the United States has violated the deal and pulled out of it. The Europeans also have not fulfilled their obligations, so Iran’s tolerance is limited and it is in a situation where it has to respond appropriately to the disloyalty of others.”

Dr. Kharrazi also pointed to the issues of the region, and in particular, Syria, saying that Iran and Russia have played an important role in the stability of Syria and their presence in the country is legitimate. Of course, with the return of sovereignty of Syria, it is necessary for the foreign forces present in the country unlawfully to leave and the Syrian constitution to be amended to further engage the people in determining the future of their country.