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Bahraini Regime at the Service of Zionism!

Strategic Council Online: A West Asian expert says the meeting between Bahraini Foreign Minister and an Israeli official has taken place to solve the problem of the Zionist regime these days especially after the defeat of the “Deal of the Century.” They needed to place sticks under the arms of the Zionist regime and that was done through the exposure of relations between Arab states and the Tel Aviv regime.

‘Deal of the Century’: Stabilizing Occupation of the Zionists

Strategic Council Online: The Deal of the Century is known as the new scheme of the Zionists with the help of the West and certain Persian Gulf Arab states to continue to advance their occupation policies in the Palestinian territories. The publication of new details of the deal is not something new and in the past few months we have seen the exposure of parts of this scheme the latest example being revealing part of the deal by the Israeli newspaper ‘Israel Hayom’.