Kamal Kharazi made the remarks in his meeting with Saleh Al-Arouri, deputy head of Hamas Political Bureau in Tehran on October 23.

“Palestine has been a top strategy and aim for Iran since the Islamic Revolution as the Palestinian nation is one of the most oppressed ones in the world,” he said.

Noting that Zionists tried to destroy the Resistance Front under a conspiracy called “Shia Crescent” to disunite nations of the region, Iranian official asserted “the Zionist policy was realized in spreading Takfiri terrorism, toppling down sovereign governments of the region and dividing the states of Resistance Front but failed due to sacrifice of Resistance forces.”

“The visit of Hamas authorities to Iran indicates the failure of the Zionist policies and the untrue nature of ‘Shia Crescent’ as it proves that Sunni of Shia doesn’t matter but the resistance against Zionism,” Kharazi reaffirmed.

He also urged all states of Resistance Front to unite and cooperate for freedom of Palestine.

Saleh Al-Arouri, for his part, briefed Iranian former FM on agreements reached between groups and the Palestinian National Authority on Ghaza, underling that the agreement would lead to more unity and continuation of fight against Zionist occupation.

“Hamas would never accept giving up fighting, recognizing Zionist regime and severing ties with Iran; out visit to Iran also proves our will in this regard,” he reaffirmed.