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The Necessity for Legal Prosecution of General Soleimani’s Assassination; Breach of International Peace & Security Point of View

Strategic Council Online- Opinion: On the verge of the second anniversary of the assassination of General Soleimani, which was committed at the behest of the then President of the United States of American on Iraqi soil, the necessity to the legal prosecution of the crime that incurred a great loss upon Iran and also the regional countries of Western Asia and has become the clear example of state terrorism by a trans-region country, is obviously more than ever in the past.
Dr. Ali Karbalaei Hosseini, Researcher of International Law

Zionist Regime, Base to Global Terrorism

Strategic Council Online- A glance at the biography of the ring-leaders of most terrorist-excommunicated groups and also a short review on the biography of the most elements of armed acts which led to the terror of many scientists, thinkers and artists in the world of Islam show that these criminals have spent a part of the their lives clandestinely in the occupied Palestine, and have been trained, from A to Z, by Zionists to commit the most violent and homicide operations. It means within70+ years after the establishment of the fabricated Zionist regime, the occupied Palestine “has never been as a country, but as a garrison of terrorist” and a place to train and encourage the most brutal terrorists. This is the very important and bitter reality that His Eminence the Leader referred to in his message on the occasion of Quds Day this year and further added that struggling against the Regime which, from the day one of its occupation of Palestine, transformed the Holy Land to a training home to terrorism, is a struggle against cruelty and thus it is incumbent on all.
Jafar Ghannad- Bashi, Middle-east expert