Although the public opinion of the world of Islam may have forgotten the extensive manslaughters of Palestinians in the course of  earlier decades of occupation of Palestine, or have partly forgotten the bloody events and blood-baths at refugee camps like Kaffar Qasim or Deir Yassin committed by Zionists, but the continuity of such very violent and the most brutal homicide acts until recent years, months and even weeks remind the bitter reality that the occupied Palestine is still “the terrorist base against the freedom-loving nations and Muslims”. It also reminds the necessity of struggle to liberate the occupied land which is incumbent on all.


The public opinions of the world of Islam are well aware that the Zionist Regime has had a decisive role behind the ISIS terrorist-excommunicated project of massacres of tens of thousands of Syrians and Iraqis as well as displacement of millions. They also know that the Regime has bloody hands in the terrors of hundreds of political, intellectual, cultural Palestinian and Lebanese personalities such as Dr. Fathi Shaghaghi, Dr. Rentisi, Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, Sheikh Ragheb-Harb, Hojjatol-Eslam Abbass Mousavi, Ghassan- Kanfani, Naji-Ali and hundreds more. Added to this long list, there are names of hundreds of scientists of the world of Islam martyred (mostly physicists, and often in countries like Iraq, Egypt and Iran), whose mercenary assassinators of martyrs such as Dr. Ali Mohammadi, Dr. Fakhri-Zade, etc, were trained in the occupied Palestine. It also reminds that the Holy Land has become a garrison to train terrorists.


A glance at the history of the West Asia region within the past 7 decades will bring the researchers to know the performance of the Garrison. Moreover, it proves clearly that the Zionist Regime has always exploited Palestine as a garrison against the Muslim nations. The Regime that has launched the largest number of wars and armored mobilizations not only against the Palestinians but also against all neighbors of the occupied Palestine within the past seventy plus years and has committed many bloodsheds through air strikes (even with clandestine partnership during the six-year old imposed war against Yemen).


Among other characteristics of the Terrorist Garrison are the huge shipments of Western arms dedicated to the Regime and continuous substitution of more modern arms in the occupied territories from one hand and providing military training courses to all Zionist citizens as well as the emigrated Zionists from the other hand. The external embodiment of which is the military structure formed with membership of all Zionist citizens in Israeli army and its missions to martyr the Palestinian youth and substantiates clearly that the occupied Palestine plays a garrison role.


On the ways and means how to confront the occupying regime, His Eminence the Leader stressed on the necessity of “Continuous Resistance” to make the Zionist Regime accept the self-determination referendum, because the according to him, the Zionist Regime will not easily succumb to the self-determination referendum through peaceful ways. Thus the Palestinians will have to continue their Jihadi movements and Muslim nations will have to full-fledge support them.


As we all know, tens of different plans have been introduced to settle the Palestine issue from the beginning of the occupation of Palestine, and tens of different solutions have been tabled to restore the rights of Palestinians and their return to their homeland, lots of enforcing elements have been employed to implement and materialize the plans. Yet, the initiatives have led to nowhere and efforts proved to be fruitless. Instead, the issue of Palestine has become more complicated, plans and strategies can be categorized in different packages as follows:

– Armed and hostile plans and strategies,

– Conciliatory and peaceful plans and strategies,

– States’ sponsored plans,

– Plans and strategies proposed by groups, parties and personalities,

– Plans tabled by Palestinians supporters,

– Plans and strategies suggested by the supporters of the Regime and enforced them under different names.

But, as mentioned earlier, these plans and strategies did not only solve the issue of Palestine, but also were unable to reduce the pains and sufferings of Palestinians inside and outside the territory. In the meantime, the plan, based on the guidelines of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution several years ago was registered at the UN by the Islamic Republic of Iran in 2019 “to hold a referendum of self-determination”. It lacks the shortcomings and problems of other plans and is based on legal and international standards. As was said by His Eminence, the plan should be considered as a “principled, declared and registered” solution of the Islamic Republic of Iran at international forums. The plan or strategy underscores “holding a referendum among original Palestinians” and according to it, the national referendum should be held with the participation of all Palestinians including Muslims, Christians, Jews and their offspring to determine the ruling system of Palestine, and addresses the restoration of the Palestinians’ rights and the right of the displaced Palestinians to return to their homeland, but its implementation and imposition to the Zionist Regime is subjected to the continuity and expansion of resistance as well as necessary support from the world of Islam.