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US strategy in describing Taiwan Strait as an “international waterway”

Strategic Council Online—Interview: An expert of the Presidential Studies Center stated that the American strategy regarding the issue of “One China” has changed, adding that “the United States has countered the policy of “One China” by calling the Taiwan Strait waterway international.

An Analysis of 2021 Document of Russia’s National Security Strategy Document

Strategic Council Online – A professor at the University of Tehran saying that the 2021 National Security Strategy document of Russia is seriously different from previous documents, listed the most important dimensions and clauses of that document, and said: What is important for Russia is the evolution of the international system that while it multiplies, it moves away from the west axis of the past, but at the same time, it creates a strong potential for insecurity, increases instability, intensifies radicalism, and complicates the threat environment for the world and for Russia.

Sabotage in Natanz Nuclear Facilities and the Question of Deterrence

Strategic Council Online – A faculty member of the Institute for Strategic Studies, says that preventing enhancement of capabilities that could create deterrence against Israel’s capabilities and bring Israel’s deterrence under question is the regime’s consistent policy. He added: If strategic patience is interpreted as not responding, there may be more damage to Iran’s national interests and security.

The strategy of the US military budget allocation

Strategic Council Online—Interview: A senior researcher says the US defense budget for 2021 has allocated the highest amount to the research and development in the history of the military budget of America.

Indo-China Border Tensions & Prospect of Ambiguous Agreement

Strategic Council Online – An analyst of Asian affairs said that China-India border tensions could have a negative impact on their close economic ties. He added: With regard to the absence of mandatory provisions in the bilateral agreement and deep root of differences in the region, the agreement cannot put a seal of end to the tensions between the two countries and probably the fire of this conflict will flare up again in this region in a short period of time.

Warning against Nuclearization of Saudi Arabia

Strategic Council Online – A Saudi affairs analyst, stating that part of the concerns about Saudi Arabia is regarding the possibility of Wahhabi extremist groups coming to power, said that the international community can address the concerns of Saudi Arabia by fully and effectively monitoring the activities of the nuclear core and define clear lines for Saudi Arabia to move towards energy production from this industry.

Irresponsibility and the Perils of Saudi Nuclearization

Strategic Council Online – A former Iranian diplomat emphasized that Saudi Arabia despite its interventions and tension generation in its neighbouring countries, as well as disturbing the regional and international stability is not accountable. He said: If a country with this amount of direct political and military intervention one day gains more power and becomes nuclear, it will cause great tragedy that will destroy the region.