Amir Ali Abolfath in an interview with the site of Strategic Council on Foreign Relations pointed out the possibility of formation of a club among those sanction-fighting countries in future continued:” however, the club containing those countries subjected to sanctions has not been formed”.

He stressed:” In fact, it can be said that perhaps an unwritten agreement among these countries is being formed based on mutual necessities”.

The expert explained:” when a country suffers from difficulties to use the U.S. dollar or international banking system like SWIFT, then she approaches other countries that can provide new capacities for her. Using national currencies, or currencies other than U.S. dollar and euro, clearing or barter deals, joint venture in countries pressurized under sanctions, and formation of regional blocs are among measures that countries like Iran, being under sanction regime, can put in their agenda”.

Having stressed on the point that Americans have dauntlessly extended their sanctions within the past decades, he added:” the sanctions were addressing the U.S. enemies and rivals at the outset. But today, even the U.S. allies are pressurized by sanctions. In a way, it can be said that the U.S. is strongly addicted to imposing sanction and sanction policy. Now, tens of countries, a large number of companies, a long list of real and legal entities throughout the world are enlisted in the U.S. sanctions”.

According to Abolfath, the more extensive the sanctions, the stronger become the anti-sanctions cooperation.

He continued:” There was a time when only three or four countries were subjected to sanctions and unable to do something collectively. But now, there is a range of countries and companies that are enlisted in sanctions and can find each other and try their best to promote capacities to meet their mutual requirements”.

On the future of such anti-sanction policies, he explained:” It seems that such cooperation and policies will be strengthened in future, because the U.S. does neither plan to put aside her sanction policy nor loosens the severity of her policies. That’s why reciprocity against such U.S. policy is to strengthen the cooperation among those countries and foundations any of which are somehow subjected to sanctions due to a reason. Moreover, the necessity requires that these countries and foundations will take step towards cooperation with each other”.

Having ultimately pointed out that Iran as one of the countries that is subjected to the severest sanction regimes of the U.S., Abolfath said:” This very point requires Iran to head towards cooperation with other sanctioned countries in order to meet their mutual needs, because diplomacy needs economic background and it is a must for Iran to dynamic her economy”.