Having referred to the remarks made by Najib Mikati, Lebanese Prime Minister who said:” Iranian fuel shipments imported by the initiative of Hezbollah was a breach of Lebanon’s national sovereignty”, Ahmad Dastmalchian in an interview with the site of Strategic Council for Foreign Relations stated that these remarks are political position that do not reflect Lebanon’s interests.

He explained that:” The fuel is transported from Syria as a neighboring country and ship was not docked at any port in Lebanon. The fuel is an essential need of people and a Lebanese businessman has bought the fuel and is imported into Lebanon through Lebanese transport system. If the fuel was not delivered, within a few days even bakeries had to close down. Basic rights and main elements of livelihood of Lebanese people should not be ignored for the sake of others’ satisfaction or dissatisfaction.

The analyst on the West Asia emphasized:” Mr. Mikati has raised such completely biased remarks to satisfy the West, anti-popular and wrong positions of this kind will show their consequences in future.

He said:” as a small country, there are 18 different tribes living in Lebanon, who have no special source of income. Tourism and banking were used to be among the economic sources of the country both of which are suffering from recession at present situation. Therefore, every one of these tribes and personalities has to approach an outside country.

Having pointed out to warm welcome of people to the importation of the purchased fuel from Iran to Lebanon and their needs to fuel, he said:” Lebanese Prime Minister conceives that his positions will minimize the pressures exerted on Lebanon, and through his positions he will be able to be closer to the Western block, while this is a miscalculation, because he will show an anti-popular feature from himself. In view of the lack of popular support, he will be facing problems at the beginning of his job.

Having referred to the difficulties that the Lebanese people are suffering from the shortage of fuel in their daily life, Dastmalchian added:” Those popular parties who understand people’s sufferings and are in a coalition will not forget these positions. Today, there are the Lebanese people and Resistance who have the louder voice. In fact, Mr. Seyed Hassan Nasrallah Secretary General of Hezbollah through showed that how thoughtful of people he is through this initiative. The initiative of Secretary General of Hezbollah will have very positive outcomes in the future of the country. Moreover, through the initiative, sanctions were bypassed.

Dastmalchian referred to Mr. Mikati’s earlier positions addressed to critics of fuel imported from Iran who had said:” I tell the critics and Arab League to give us a candle, otherwise we can’t say no to everybody without having an alternative”.

He said:” it is long since the tribal structure of Lebanon, as a legacy of French colonialism has lost its effectiveness and it does not match with up-to-date requirements of the country and will cause insecurity and restlessness in Lebanon. In line with this, what seem to be necessary to sort out the Lebanese difficulties are Lebanese intra-national talks.

Having stressed on the necessity of attention paid to major and strategic difficulties of the Lebanese people and addressing the inefficiency grounds in this regard by the country’s officials at present situation, the former Iranian diplomat in Lebanon added that:” The main purpose of sanctions against Lebanon was to drive a wedge between the people and the Resistance in the country and make people disappointed and pessimist about the Resistance and instigate them against the Resistance. While this is a miscalculation and misunderstanding if they imagine that people and Resistance are separable in Lebanon. All Lebanese tribes are present in the Resistance to defend their country and such tactics will not serve as a divisive element among them.