Dr. Rouhollah Eslami in an interview with Strategic Council online reminded that after September 11, 2001 when the US arrived into Afghanistan, it was called as a guardian of world order. He stated that in the definition of the world order, some thoughts and countries were introduced as hamper of the order, one of which was the Islamist thoughts.

Having pointed out the decision made by the US for military occupation of Afghanistan in reaction to the attacks against the World Trade Center towers, he added that:” their analysis was, indeed, based on the theory that in light of their presence in Afghanistan, they could raise impediment before Russia, China and also Islamists’ activities, and establish security by constructing strong military installations. From Idealistic point of view, they claimed they came to Afghanistan to found democracy and liberalism, freedom of women coupled with their empowerment, and they want to save Afghans from Taliban, terrorists, and extremist groups who exerted too much pressure on people.

The Afghanistan analyst called the presence of the US in the region aiming at gaining (global) prestige and said: “they claimed they were protectors of the international order and they wanted to teach the people of the country who were engaged with strong religious fundamentalism how to live! Thus, to compile the most liberal and democratic constitution of the world for Afghanistan!

Eslami added that:” the US announced that we, ourselves, would be present in Afghanistan and teach these lessons to Afghans. Even, we specify the courseware of schools and universities. So, people would gain power. We would, specially, extend our support to women and invite the international agencies to the country to perform their activities. After a while, the country would be developed and can become a new pattern for state-nation building! If we succeed, we could then go to other countries; either they accept or we make them implement such a system.

Having referred to 20-year long presence of the US in Afghanistan, the university professor spelled out that:” some factors cause the US not to attain her goals in Afghanistan. Efforts to form a centralized and strong government led to nowhere because of corruption in the state structure and its ethnical behavior. The US casualties and costs continued to increase constantly in Afghanistan and public opinion in the United States could not tolerate these useless costs. Moreover, oil lost its importance, and consequently the US admitted that the longer they stay in Afghanistan the more costs would be incurred upon them. In addition, because of the attacks against their forces, their prestige might be in danger.

Having reminded that in the last election held in Afghanistan, two millions of voters attended, he added that:” Such amount of costs for the US did not only lead to the promotion of democracy but also made no change in comparison with the past in the country”.

The Afghanistan analyst referred to the claim made by the US President Joe Biden who said that the US attained her goals in Afghanistan, stressed that the US defeated in materialization of her goals in Afghanistan and failed to create a pattern and order she claimed.

He referred to the consequences of the US wrong behavior in Afghanistan and her irresponsible withdrawal from the country, added that:” At any juncture of history, there was a powerful country that left effects on civilization. In the past, major powers have generally left better legacies in other countries. But the US annihilated wherever she had a presence and left no legacy except destruction, propagation of terrorism and plundering their natural resources.

Modality of the US exit from Afghanistan; completely wrong and irresponsible

Eslami dealt with the modality of talks between the US and Taliban that led to the empowerment of the group and said:” Sidelining the Government from talks, clandestine negotiations with Taliban and repeated withdrawal from their positons caused Taliban’s strengthening and central government weakening. Moreover, the modality of the US exit from Afghanistan was completely wrong and irresponsible. Such performance suddenly placed Afghan government in a major crisis which can even lead to collapse.

Having stated that Afghanistan has always been the ample ground for the presence of groups who can take arms, and thus defend themselves, their clans and their ideas, he added:” launching movements like Taliban without political and military support, is impossible. As Taliban has about 80000 members, paying their wages, dealing with them and supporting their families, putting arms and weaponries at their disposal cost billions of dollars and without military, intelligence and economic support of foreign states, they can’t continue to survive.

The university professor pointed out the support extended by the US as well as some Arab countries to Taliban and mentioned the ethnical, political and religious proximities of the group with Pakistan. He further elaborated their ideas in fields like macro- management and totalitarian thoughts, and said:” since the US exit from Afghanistan, Taliban has gained more power and with capturing sensitive economic, rural, customs and border centers they want to dis-function the central government”.

Eslami pointed out the presence of Afghan asylum seekers in Iran, warned against the influx of more new migrants and added:” Iran has underscored that she would not enter into war. Having supported the peace process, Iran called for intra- Afghan negotiations”.

He pointed out the necessity of playing an active role by Iran on Afghanistan, and stressed the importance of continuous counselling among parties involved, neighboring countries and regional powers that play role in Afghanistan.