Majid Takhteravanchi told the Strategic Council on Foreign Relations on the recent military movements and arrangements in the region as well as rising concerns about the probable use of nuclear weapons by Trump within the next days that “the US President has taken many strange and awkward measures during the past four years and that’s why there are concerns he may take unpredicted measures in the coming several days when his presidential tenure ends on 19 January.”

Referring to the present climate in the international scene including in the United States concerning the probable decisions and measures of Trump in his last days as US president, he said “I personally consider it highly unlikely that Trump could cause concerns and worries regarding the use of nuclear weapons.”

Takhteravanchi, however, said Trump’s unpredictability in foreign relations should be considered but not underestimated, adding that people should keep alarmed in the last days of Trump’s presidency.

The Ambassador and permanent representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the United Nations said Iran should be monitoring the recent military movements and arrangements of the United States in the Persian Gulf and be prepared for any scenarios even though “I personally believe nothing will happen within the next several days.”

Asked about his analysis on the strategic approach of the next US administration towards Iran, Takhteravanchi said various governments in the United States, either Democrat or Republican, have adopted international policies which are not that much different.

Referring to the non-conventional policies and decisions of the Trump administration during the past four years, he said such activities and movements of this US administration concerning Iran or even other countries have been unpredictable for many pundits in and outside of the United States.

He said no fundamental change should be expected from the next US administration in its policies and approaches towards Iran, adding that various US administration from Democratic or Republican parties have exploited sanctions as a tool against Iran.

“The United States in the past several years has used sanctions as a tool to gain concessions and the next US government is no exception. It seems that the Biden administration would continue the same approach even though no probable opportunity should be used in realizing the rights of the Iranian nation.”

Therefore, it may not reflect the reality if one says the new US administration will stop sanctions as a tool against Iran.

“We may see different tactics in some dimensions. For example, the humiliating approach of Trump towards European leaders should not be repeated during the Biden’s administration. Perhaps Biden would be more delicate in treating others and dealing with them. However, if one thinks the Biden administration, compared to Trump’s, would not have differences with Europe, it is incorrect. There will not be a fundamental change in the US policies towards China.”

Takhteravanchi said we would be witnessing a series of policies which may portray a different image of the US government but will not experience a 180-degree change compared to the previous administration.