Since the inauguration of Vice President Wallace, the scope of the Vice Presidents performance in the United States has not been limited to the Senate issues as it once was. And as this scope has expanded, their involvement in politics in the global equation has seemed imperative. Given the decline of Biden’s physical and mental strength, as well as the importance of the VP’s position in the government’s political coordinates, his deputy will undoubtedly play a prominent role in the scenario ahead.

According to forecasts Harris would be Biden’s choice of VP and now that this has been made public she will assume this position in line with Democratic Party policies, and sometime later as a piece of the puzzle of Biden’s team will face Mike Pence on October 7 to begin the election debate.

Harris, who recently ran as a presidential candidate in the 2020 campaign, in addition to financial problems, also withdrew in support of Biden. She is an African-American who has been a California senator. Due to her years in politics, she has now become the center of gravity of Democrats line of thinking to advance their goals.

Harris, among other candidates for the position, has included several components that have facilitated her selection by Biden, which will be addressed in two areas: identity-personality and political-security. In the run-up to the 2020 election, Harris attacked Biden on anti-racism rhetoric, displayed anti-racist figures, and even rallied in front of the White House with demonstrators. One of the reasons Biden turned to Harris was the recent US riots, Harris’ skin color, and her anti-racist orientations. Biden believes Harris can extinguish the fire of blacks and racists in the United States and show that the next president and his fellow Democrats will not repeat Trump’s approach and actions such as Republican policies. Biden believes that Harris has the potential to play a winning role for him and improve his social standing.

On the other hand, the issue of Israel, which is undoubtedly an integral part of the structure of the political system of the United States, is also a lever that seeks to converge with the future US administration to achieve its goals. Just as Biden has repeatedly expressed his personal devotion to Israel and his close ties to its leaders. Meantime, Israeli lobbies have undoubtedly sought to improve relations between the two sides by consulting with him to pick a deputy with a positive approach towards Tel Aviv.

This Californian immigrant is a close supporter of Israel, and although she is a Democrat and should normally have a close relationship with the J-Streets because she is a Democrat, it is interesting to note that she has a close relationship with AIPAC and AIPAC is likely to have played a key role in her selection as VP.

Another aspect of Harris’ choice is her personal traits. Harris has a good articulation and a fighting spirit that has led Democrats to take special account of her. One of the approaches that the candidates’ deputies will put on their agenda during the election campaign is to cover the weaknesses of the presidential candidate. It can be said that one of the components of the selection of the deputy candidate by the Democrats is having a good speech technique, which Harris also performed well in this year’s election campaign, and even talked about Trump’s defeat against her if she overcame other rivals. Given the current situation of Joe Biden and the blunders he made in this round of election, it is likely that the 56-year-old senator will have a difficult path ahead.

Undoubtedly, one of the most contentious issues in US foreign policy, and perhaps after China, Iran, and the Middle East, is that the Biden-Harris combination will seek to make up for the losses and fruitless gains made by the Trump administration for the United States. Certainly, Biden is seeking a conditional return to the JCPOA until the middle of his presidency, when he becomes president of the United States. Biden must be able to contain Iran’s nuclear and regional powers. In addition, the recent Tehran-Beijing agreement has led to the over-growth of Iran’s regional power.

Therefore, Harris seems to be a good companion in this regard, because she also opposes leaving the Iran Nuclear Agreement and supports return to the agreement. Their goal will also be to reintegrate Iran into the JCPOA in order to put the country in a weaker position in addition to forcing it to meet its nuclear commitments. Also, because of the proximity of Harris and Biden to Israel, if the Democratic team wins the election, we will have to see tougher positions towards the Middle East, Syria, Lebanon, and the other countries, because their rise will weaken Israel.

Another factor that distinguishes Harris from other candidates for the post of Vice President is her background in the job. The San Francisco District Attorney’s experience will give her relative dominance over Trump and his team, putting Biden in a position of power in disputes with the Trump team.

Finally, Biden’s choice of a woman could be a turning point in his administration. This approach, in the first place, will show more attention to women in various fields, both political and non-political, and in the second place, will lead to the influx of women’s votes into her portfolio.

Kamala Harris is the third woman to reach this position in the United States. In the past, other women, such as Geraldine Ferraro, who was previously supposed to be Walter Mundial’s successor in the 1984 election but failed due to losing the race to Reagan and Bush Sr., have had similar uprisings, but their efforts have failed. Ferraro, like Harris, was not a full-fledged American, which created a lot of margins for her and Mundial during her rivalry with Reagan. Also, because Harris is not a pure American, Trump’s verbal arguments with her seem obvious, just as we were confronted with Trump calling her phony at the very beginning of his election. Undoubtedly, Biden’s choice of a skin color will cause difficulties for him and his team, especially for Donald Trump, who at times sacrifices ethics for politics.

In all, it is now almost two and a half months until the November 3 election. Although recent polls are weighing heavily in favor of the Democrats, three debates of the presidential candidates and one of their deputies will still raise the possibility of a change in circumstances as the votes of those who have not yet decided who they want to vote for would ensure, according to opinion polls, Trump’s victory. For the same reason and for a comprehensive analysis of the issue, it remains to be seen how the Trump-Pence and Biden-Harris teams race will proceed and whether the Democratic team can break the tradition and send the first woman in US history to chair the vice presidency or not!