In an interview with the website of the Strategic Council on Foreign Relations, Mojtaba Rahmandoust pointed to the final statement of the Arab League and urging the international community to counter any Israeli efforts to implement the scheme. It seems the Arab League has abandoned its previous weak and inferior stance and adopted a strong position concerning this scheme.

He said the Israeli media assessed the Arab League’s strong opposition to the Deal of the Century a terrible blow to US diplomacy, adding that the Arab League reaction against the US at this point was positive. “The Organization of Islamic Cooperation must also take similar stands, in which case it would be a step forward in the world.”

Former Secretary-General of the Association for the Defense of the Palestinian Nation said the stances taken by Abu Mazen, the Arab League and the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation were very important in rejecting the Deal of the Century. “This alignment is a new phenomenon that we have not seen before.”

Rahmandoust stressed that the Organization of Islamic Cooperation was created to support Quds but it adopted weak and passive stances against catastrophes caused for Quds. He added if they were united and had a unified position in opposition to the fundamentals of the US and Israel we can consider it a point of hope for the future.

Reminding that the nature of Mahmoud Abbas has been clear throughout his tenure in the PA, he stressed that one should be aware of Abu Mazen’s positions.

My impression is now that he sympathizes with Hamas, Jihad and Resistance and talks about rejecting the Deal of the Century, one should deal with it cautiously.

I believe the United States has a plan to absorb Resistance groups such as Hamas and Jihad and has laid a trap to attract groups via Mahmoud Abbas. As we noticed, Abbas had been called by the US for consultations.

“There is concern that the Resistance will fall into the trap and that grounds for their deviation would be prepared due to accordance of Abbas with the Resistance forces,” said the faculty member with the University of Tehran.

He wants to support but I believe this backing is not profound and not believable and may be deceptive.

He explained: There is a strategy that if a group wants to resume talks with its opponents, it will deal a blow on the opponent so that grounds would be paved to restart the dialogue.

Rahmandoust emphasized: Islamic countries should act cautiously on these projects by examining the different aspects of the American-Israeli Deal of the Century.