Facing with deadlock in the peace process, the U.S President Donald Trump is now trying to impose the so-called Deal of the Century to the international community through coercion and various pressures to end the decades-long conflicts of Palestinian resistance against the Zionist occupiers.

The occupation of Palestine as the foremost and frustrating political problem in the Middle East and Islamic world for 70 years has also preoccupied the U.S and Zionist regime leaders.

The two-state solution was especially on the agenda of White House leaders since 2010 to final days of Obama as the U.S president while Obama’s term concluded without reaching a tangible result on this matter.

 The agreement between ex-leader of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), Yasser Arafat, and the Zionist regime’s ex-prime minister, Yitzhak Rabin, with the mediation of the U.S ex-president Bill Clinton through the Oslo I Accord, signed in Washington, D.C., in 1993; and the Oslo II Accord, signed in Taba, Egypt, in 1995 paved the way for highlighting the two-state solution which was not operational because of ignoring the Palestine’s realities.

Obama’s effort to exhaust moderate policies in the case of Palestine and adopt critical approaches toward Jewish settlements and Zionist regime aggression couldn’t also help the realization of the two-state solution in occupied territories.

Trump’s advent as the new U.S president and the shift in U.S administration’s approach towards Palestine issue, changed the equations in occupied territories. Trump’s green light to occupiers for restoring settlement expansions and augmenting the aggressions, entered the Palestine issue into a new phase. Then, the two-state solution has been marginalized in the framework of international agreements and new programs replaced it.

Trump raised his plan for proceeding peace process between Palestinians and occupiers in the form of Deal of the century which specifies the ownership certainty of the Zionists on important parts of occupied lands and ignores aggressive policies of Zionist state pretending apparently to accept the formation of an independent Palestinian state in tiny land including half of the West Bank, Gaza Strip and some areas of Eastern Beit-ul-Moghaddas. Based on this plan, the Palestinians must call off considerable parts of their lands in exchange for establishing an independent state.

The plan which is more aggressive than the other plans of the Zionist state against the Palestinian nation is far from reality and just leads to the anger and dissatisfaction of Palestinian people and continuation of instability in the Palestinian territories.

The result of an effort to impose Deal of the Century to the Palestinians is nothing but an augmentation of resistance and reactions of the Palestinians which have frustrated the Zionist regime in the past years. The lessons from the First and Second Intifada have shown that the embarrassed and frustrated occupiers have started the cycle of violence. The Zionists have been faced with Return Rallies of the Palestinian since March 30 against the intensification of this year aggression and bullying of the occupiers and their international allies which lasted near 3 months and no one can exactly predict when the rallies come to an end.

Emphasizing that western approaches based on stubbornness and totalitarianism are not never effective and provoke the tension in occupied lands, the Islamic Republic of Iran always raised its objection to these kinds of coercive so-called peace plans. From Iran’s point of view, the western favorable peace process ignores the desires and rights of the Palestinian people like the determination of the fate of Beit-ul-Moghaddas and occupied territories, the right of return of Palestinian refugees, Israeli settlements and etc…

In return, Iran believes that the sustainable solution for Palestine crisis cannot be caused by western or foreign plans but must be based on the plans rooted in will and aspiration of the residents of occupied territories.

The Islamic Republic of Iran which has always prioritized the will of the people and supported the liberation movements, stresses that conducting a referendum to know the People’s opinion who are at the heart of the crisis is the first step in search of the best and sustainable solution for Palestine problem. The only effective way for solving the Palestine crisis is the one that materializes the wills of Palestinian people who their lands have been invaded for the past 70 years or expelled from their homeland and want to return to their homes.

The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei stated in a meeting with Hajj officials on July 16, 2018: ‘there is the issue of Palestine and the satanic and malicious policy that the US has adopted on Palestine. They have referred to it as “the deal of the century”. Of course, they should know that by Allah’s favor, this “deal of the century” which they have come up with will never materialize. Despite the foolish desires of American officials who are killing themselves to do something on the issue of Palestine, the issue of Palestine will not be consigned to oblivion and the Holy City of Bait-ul Muqaddas will continue to be the capital of Palestine. It will remain the first qiblah for Muslims. This will not happen and the Palestinian nation will definitely stand up against this and all Muslim nations will stand behind the Palestinian nation. By Allah’s favor, they will not let this happen’.

“Of course, because of lack of belief in the essence of Islam – let alone in the issue of Palestine – some Islamic governments are unfortunately sacrificing themselves for the Americans. Not only are they following them, but they are also sacrificing themselves for them because of folly, stupidity and worldly temptations and desires. Some governments – unfortunately, some Arab governments – are in this situation. This will not work either and it will not be of any avail. They will be frustrated as well. By Allah’s favor and grace, the Islamic Ummah and the Muslim people of Palestine will definitely defeat their enemies and they will see a day when the fake Zionist regime will be uprooted from the land of Palestine.”