Jafar Qanadbashi, in an interview with the website of the Strategic Council on Foreign Relations, referred to the statement of the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces that in a short period of 15 days, the Armed Forces with power held 10 exercises throughout the country. The exercises took place after years of severe sanctions while Iran’s enemies were awaiting reduction of capabilities and readiness of the Iranian armed forces and, beyond the imagination, showed astonishing and astounding scenes of its extraordinary military capabilities by using the most advanced and efficient war equipment.

According to the expert, in other words, the exercises, which were carried out at different levels, at multiple categories and on land, air and sea, were not limited merely to the necessary preparedness and essential and conventional military training of the armed forces to face any external threat, rather it was performed as an extraordinary exhibition to display advanced weapons, all of which were made domestically, as well as the achievements of the Iranian scientists.

Qanadbashi, saying that we are aware that foreign powers and Iran’s enemies, based on their experiences with other countries, including the Ba’athist regime of Iraq, never imagined that exercises of this quality and with such dimensions and by using that number of highly advanced weapons would be performed in the Islamic Republic of Iran and that the Iranian forces could overcome the serious obstacles on the way of increasing military capabilities. Those large exercises were held at a time when not only Iran was not enjoying any group of Western weapons, but did not use any of the conventional military techniques, tactics and training in conducting those exercises.

He added: This is in fact one of the strong points of Iran’s military capabilities that were demonstrated in those exercises. In other words, in recent exercises, it has been proven that the Iranian Armed Forces have the ability to use a combination of weapons unknown to the enemy and use an unknown and different combination of military equipment to carry out a defensive operation that is unknown to the outside enemies from beginning to end and in this way, in addition to choosing the time of the operation, it can surprise the enemies step by step in any military battle.

The expert on the Middle East affairs stated that the series of exercises is said to have proved Iran’s capabilities and potentials to the complete surprise of the enemy, adding: Of course, those exercises, in turn, created the necessary preparations in the Iranian Armed Forces and provided a basis for the operational forces to become more familiar with how new weapons work, and in addition, by observing the extraordinary efficiency and function of those weapons and enhance in an extraordinary way their self-confidence in confronting with the enemy. That is to say, exactly what is reflected and reacted among the people of our own country is seen in the form of a sense of greater security and confidence to participate in economic activities and boost productive activities.

He emphasized: In fact, another part of the message of this series of operations to the people of our country was that not to be influenced by the large-scale foreign propaganda during the transition period in the United States, and by observing scenes from what happened in those ground, air and sea exercises continue their economic, cultural and educational activities with more confidence. Of course, this is what outside enemies expected, and they thought that economic sanctions and implementation of the policy of maximum pressure in Iran would reduce production capabilities and, consequently, defense capabilities, and as a result the morale of the people will be ready to accept new imposed policies.

He also referred to the messages of those exercises to Iran’s friends in the countries of the Axis of Resistance and said: Those exercises provided the Axis of Resistance with the necessary assurance for military cooperation even in the event of any external threat, and reassured that Islamic Iran would continue to be the strongest and most capable country of the Axis of Resistance in the process of collective defense in the collection of countries of the Axis of Resistance.

The expert stressed: In any case, those exercises showed that Islamic Iran now has the ability to come out of the framework of defense policy and, if necessary and based on securing its national interests, to implement aggressive and deterrent policies wherever necessary.