Dr. Kamal Kharrazi, in his speech delivered virtually at the plenary session of the “Institutions and Regional Order”, said: “According to Paragraph 8 of UN Security Council Resolution 598, the Secretary-General of the United Nations has been asked to propose, in consultation with the regional states, a mechanism to promote security and stability in the Persian Gulf region, but unfortunately this task, has been neglected by the United Nations.

The SCFR President said that “The Islamic Republic of Iran, despite some serious differences with Saudi Arabia, believes that the two countries may complement each other” and added: “We are fully prepared to talk with the Saudi government on all bilateral and regional issues and are pleased that with the good offices of the Iraqi government, several rounds of talks have been held between the two governments.”


Dr. Kharrazi stated that “Unfortunately, some of the regional governments, with a fatal miscalculation, are trying to open the door to the war-mongering apartheid regime of Israel”, and added that: “They even go beyond the normalization of their relations and move towards forming an alliance with the Zionist regime of Israel. This is a big strategic mistake that will increase tensions and conflicts in the region at breakneck speed. The Islamic Republic of Iran warns in advance about the consequences of Israel’s presence in the Persian Gulf and holds those countries responsible for its dangerous consequences.”


Dr. Kharrazi said: “The Persian Gulf region is in need of a security mechanism that prevents the hegemony of any power, whether regional or global. Toward that goal, confidence-building measures have to be taken in areas such as water management, environmental protection, nuclear safety, energy security, tourism, economic cooperation, trade, investment, eradication of poverty, and empowerment of the people.”

The President of SCFR said that: the Islamic Republic of Iran has always stressed on holding dialogue as an effective means to resolve misunderstandings, settlement of disputes, and strengthen commonalities, and added: “Moving towards a “regional dialogue forum” would help to solve the regional security problems, and frank and candid dialogue among the countries of the region, without the presence and interference of foreigners, is the key to solving problems.”

The 10th World Peace Forum, organized by the Chinese People’s Institute of Foreign Relations and Xinhua University, was held in Beijing from July 11 to 13, with the participation of a large number of political officials from different countries.

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