The unilateral and misguided policies of the EU Trio which are member states of the JCPOA and the United States as the leading perpetrator, to stop Iran’s peaceful nuclear activities have always backfired, and Iran has become more determined to continue developing its nuclear technology. The US effort to extend Iran’s arms embargo at the UN Security Council and the action of the three EU states in the International Atomic Energy Agency against Iran and the suspicious behavior of IAEA director-general will not only fail to deter Iran but will undoubtedly lead to the collapse of the Iran Nuclear Agreement.

Now that the IAEA director-general meets with Brian Hook, the special representative of the US Administration on Iranian affairs and its news has been officially released, it shows how high is Mr. Rafael Grossi’s reliance and dependence that he recklessly rushed to coordinate his actions with the center of conspiracy against Iran. This meeting shows where Mr. Grossi is taking orders from, and where the action of the three European countries is planned.

They need to revisit the consequences of Western pressure and recall that when the EU Trio during the era of the reformist government of President Khatami did not live up to their promises and did not even accept Iran to continue its enrichment activities with a very limited number of centrifuges, the suspension of enrichment was halted by the same reformist government and the seal of the UCF plant in Isfahan was broken, and eventually, the number of Iranian centrifuges reached 19,000 in the next government. When they prevented delivery of 20% fuel for the Tehran Reactor, Iran produced the needed 20% enriched uranium and its special rods on its initiative, and with their installation in the Tehran Reactor solved the problem by its own scientist’s efforts.

In the 11th Government too, although Iran accepted some restrictions due to the JCPOA agreement, it did not remain silent in the face of the US withdrawal from the deal and the non-fulfillment of European commitments, and continued to design high-powered centrifuge machines and suspended some of its commitments against European’s failure to live up to their commitments. Today, Iran can manufacture machines that are 20 times more powerful than the original machines, and launching them will take more decisive steps in response to the European actions.

Europeans should know that the Islamic Republic of Iran has shown over the past 40 years that it will not give in to the bullying policies of foreigners, and each time the pressure on Iran has been increased, it has made Iranians more determined to continue on their path.

Today, Iran can build and operate its powerful centrifuge machines in very high numbers and increase its production capacity to 90,000 SWU in a short time in response to non-fulfillment of obligations by the other side, as after the suspension of some of its commitments has produced more than 1,500 kilograms of enriched uranium, according to the IAEA report.

The West needs to know that neither economic sanctions nor arms embargoes will deter Iran from pursuing its independent strategic path, as Iran has so far swiftly pursued a policy of self-sufficiency in the face of maximum Western pressures and achieved undeniable successes in manufacturing its required defense weapons.