Mahdi Khoorsand in an interview with the site of Strategic Council on Foreign Relations continued:” the future of tension between China and the U.S. depends on the situation of international scene and conditions which the supreme hegemony. i.e. the Americans, face with. The U.S. has been challenged in most aspects of its power that had made it as a country with premium power. Moreover, the Americans have lost almost the lion share of their authority”.

He added:” in military, economic and even technological areas the U.S. has lost it supremacy to China. According to estimations made by many monetary and fiscal agencies, the U.S. will succumb its economic superpower status to China by 2030”.

Having referred to the point that the U.S. had acquired its hegemonic authority on the basis of economic parameters, Khoorsand said:” Liberal democracy system was based on the aspiration, the will and axis of Breton Woods economic system that managed to operationalize the domination of the US dollar over the world after the World War II”.

Having stated that within the past few years, some countries succeeded to eliminate US dollar and replace it with national currencies, Khoorsand explained:” China has taken steps in this respect as one of the most pioneering countries to replace US dollar with its national currency”.

According to the expert, in line with this, Beijing established regional and non – Western oriented agencies in which it encouraged countries to enter into bilateral and multilateral interactions with currencies other than U.S. dollar and Euro. For example, we witnessed in the recent Summit meeting of Shanghai Cooperation Organization
(SCO) in Samarkand where a mechanism started for fiscal exchanges and economic activities with currencies other than US dollar and Euro. Probably, it will be approved and implemented in SCO next Summit meeting which will be held in New Delhi”.

The expert of Euro- Asia continued:” in fact, it can be said that members of Shanghai Cooperation Organization have stepped towards de- dollarization in order to remain unscathed from US dollar sanctions as well as the U.S. pressures”.

He also explained:” in such an atmosphere that one dares to claim China was behind a major part of creating new ambiance against the USA, the latter feels strategic and hegemonic menaces fanned by China against the U.S. When assuming the office as the U.S. President, even Joe Biden announced that China is the main axis of dangers and competition against the U.S. at international scene”.

Having touched upon the point that the stage is set by the U.S. at world level, Khoorsand elaborated:” in such an atmosphere, Washington concentrates its initial effort to cut supporting hands to Beijing. It means that allies and aids who accompany China in major and hegemonic future war between the U.S. and China have already been engaged in other dossiers”.

He emphasized:” in such a circumstance, we witness that from one hand Russia is engaged in a geopolitical erosive tension, and on the other hand, the Islamic Republic of Iran as an effective player in international system during transitional period from a unipolar order to multipolar system, get involved in tensions in its peripheral; for example, tensions in Southern Caucasia and lost opportunities that has involved Iran in its nuclear dossier”.

Khoorasad continued:” after concerns and headaches were made to some extent for Iran and Russia, now we see murmurs are heard for hostility and clash between the U.S. and China as well as rumors on setting the stage are gradually prepared for confrontation between the U.S. and China”.

The expert explained:” in fact, Sino – phobia is mounting, the clear example of which is the remarks made by the CIA official or those of the U.S. President in an interview with one of the American news agencies in which he said if China wishes to occupy Taiwan, the USA will directly enter into the stage”.

He stressed:” in other words, the U.S. will intensify the liminal to the level that engage China in a war and tension; as examples the visits paid by the U.S. authorities and representatives of the Congress within the last couple of months have created much concerns for China, to the extent that many observers predicted China may take measure for a military operation against Taiwan but Beijing avoided to do so”.

Khoorsand ultimately said:” it seems that in very near future. i.e. perhaps within less than next few years, Chinese will inevitably be engaged in a hegemonic tension with the U.S. in East and South China Sea, which will lead to a major and hegemonic war”.