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Developments in Afghanistan and China’s Strategy

Strategic Council Online – Although China has the shortest border length (76 km) with Afghanistan due to the “Wakhan Corridor”, it is one of its most important neighbors. Throughout history, Kabul has been one of the most prominent axes on the China Silk Road; even today, when Afghanistan is in a state of turmoil and the Taliban control much of the territory, it is doubly important to China, especially economically and in security dimension.
Hamid Khoshayand – International Affairs Analyst

Components of China-US Strategic Competition

Strategic Council Online – US President Joe Biden’s first foreign trip exceeded expectations of “competing with China”. A trip to Europe and a summit of the Group of Seven and NATO, as well as a bilateral meeting with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, were the three agendas of the President of the United States, within the text and margins of which, strategic competition with China has been raised.
Assadollah Kaveh – Analyst of China affairs

Behind the Scenes of Terrorist Acts in Afghanistan

Strategic Council Online – An expert on the Subcontinent affairs in connection with the recent explosion in front of a girls’ school in Kabul that killed and injured a large number of innocent Afghan people and children, said that no group has yet claimed responsibility for the attacks.

Expanse of US-China Confrontations and Tensions

Strategic Council Online – The US-China confrontation covers a wide range of issues, including trade and economy, security and military, and political and human rights issues.
Seyed Reza Mirtaher – Expert in Military and Strategic Issues