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Strategic Message of Chinese,-Russian Presidents’ in Recent Meeting

Strategic Council Online – Interview: An expert on international affairs, commenting on the recent meeting between presidents of Russia and China said: Russian President Vladimir Putin recently met with Chinese President Xi Jinping after two years. Although the excuse for Putin’s travel to Beijing was to attend the opening ceremony of China’s 2022 Winter Olympics, the meeting was in fact in line with new understandings and agreements between Beijing and Moscow, as well as signing of 15 cooperation agreements.

Assessment of Beijing Policy on Strategic Competition between China & the U.S.

Strategic Council Online- Interview: Having stated that China believes that her relations with Washington should be transformed to stabled and healthy ones to confront effectively with global challenges, a university professor said:” the route that China has defined to exploit her interests in the future of the global system is based on multilateral policy and diplomacy.

Explicit and Critical Virtual Summit Meeting of the U.S. and China Leaders

Strategic Council Online-Opinion: Senior officials of the United States and bipartisan consensus at Congress have specified the economic power and rising military strength of China as the main challenge that the national security of the United States faces.
Mohsen Sharif Khodaee- Analyst, International Issues