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New Round of Turkey – Greece Tension

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: Following Turkey’s decision to cut off any negotiations with Greece, the conservative Greek government is preparing for the next steps in the conflict with Ankara. The Greek side is trying to raise the issue of “challenge generation and agressivity” of Turkey at the next EU summit to be held in 23-24 of the current month.
Mahmoud Fazeli – International affairs analyst

Origins of New Round of Military Tensions between Turkey & Greece

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: Despite the agreement made between Prime Minister the Hellenic Republic and Turkish President in their last meeting in Istanbul to reduce tension in Aegean Sea, Turkish Air Force fighters have recently violated extensively the air space of Greece and flew over residential and non-residential islands of the country. For example, during a day Turkish fighters had 126 cases of violating Athens’ Flight Information Region (FIR) and 41 cases of flight over 12 residential and non-residential islands of Greece.
Mahmoud Faazeli, Analyst of international issues