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Challenges the Taliban Face in Afghanistan

Strategic Council Online – Interview: An expert on the subcontinent affairs commenting on the latest developments in Afghanistan after the Taliban came to power said: Since the Taliban became the main power in Afghanistan the group has faced numerous challenges in governance. The international community’s reluctance to recognize the Taliban as the new government in Afghanistan is the biggest and most important challenge of the group in the area of governance.

Regional Competitions in Afghanistan & the Role of Neighbors in Setting up a Far-Reaching Government

Strategic Council Online- Interview: Having stressed the necessity of continuous counselling among neighboring countries of Afghanistan to sort out the country’s crisis, a university professor said:” If the present situation continues in the country, some of the regional or trans-regional countries may compete with each other to set up groups in order to support them and take concessions from Taliban or direct Afghanistan towards an internal war.

Russia and Afghanistan Crisis

Strategic Council Online – Note: Russia believes that the 20-year presence of the United States and NATO in Afghanistan ended in disgrace and considers it not only a defeat, but also a catastrophe. The old problems such as terrorism, drug trafficking and the low standard of living of the people not only remained unresolved but the problems even intensified. Foreign forces failed to establish a stable political system after their withdrawal. With the Taliban coming to power, the political system will change again.
Mahmoud Fazeli – International affairs analyst