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US Objective behind Agreeing to Investment in Northern Syria

Strategic Council Online – Interview: An expert on Syria affairs called the US decision to declare support for investment in northwestern and northeastern Syria as a political- security-economic challenge for Damascus, saying: Under conditions in which the US is re-establishing itself in Syria, this policy is certainly a major project the US has considered under the pretext of confronting ISIS, in order to bring the region to independence and autonomy.

Arab States Goals in Trying to Normalize Relations with Syria

Strategic Council Online – Interview: An expert on Syrian affairs, saying that a major part of the decision to normalize relations between Arab countries and Syria goes back to their competition with Iran and Turkey, noted: The Axis of Resistance should activate economic mechanisms in the region and in Syria; otherwise it will face a reduction in influence and will be severely caught by surprise.

The Astana Meeting and the Need to Take a Realistic Approach

Strategic Council Online—Interview: An analyst of West Asian affairs said that the Tehran summit and the Idlib issue would be two important agendas for the Astana summit, adding that if countries move to revive relations with Syria and with the return of Syria to the Arab world, economic and political pressures are reduced, political realities and the realities on the ground will force the occupiers of Syria to admit realities.

Chinese Foreign Minister Visits Damascus; a New Strategy for Syria

Strategic Council Online – An expert on West Asia affairs said that the presence of the Chinese Foreign Minister in Damascus after 10 years could be a prelude to Beijing’s desire for a broad economic presence in Syria, adding: China sees Syria and especially reconstruction of that country as an opportunity to enhance its presence and influence in the Middle East.

Dimensions and Messages of the US Invasion of Syria

Strategic Council Online – An analyst of West Asia affairs said that the recent US attack on Syria was part of the message by the US decision-makers concerning Syria as well as emphasis on the point that they still remain strong with regard to Syria and do not intend to withdraw from their positions in that country. He added: Bukamal seems to be a new point of tension between the United States and Russia. He noted: Part of the measure taken against the US interests in Iraq could be the strategy of anti-Resistance groups in Iraq under the leadership of the Zionist regime and through that regime’s infiltrators.

New UAE Betrayal of Palestinian Cause under Cultural Disguise

Strategic Council Online – An expert on West Asia affairs said that a big part of the tourist travels of the Zionists to the United Arab Emirates, as well as holding Jewish festivities in Abu Dhabi, are a covering for espionage activities, adding: The Emiratis, by resorting to such measures, are trying to make the discussion over disclosure of their relations with the Zionist regime look normal at social levels.

Erdogan and Idlib: From ‘Strategic Confusion’ to ‘Strategic Trouble ‘

Strategic Council Online: An expert on Middle East affairs said Turkey was in a state of unprecedented strategic confusion, especially in Idlib, adding that if Ankara fails to use these tools and is unable to come out of the strategic confusion in Idlib and gain field achievements there would remain no other way for Erdogan than negotiation.