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Bin Salman’s Attempt to Interact with Syria; Reasons, Necessities and Perspectives

Strategic Council Online – In recent weeks, clear signs are emerging for the gradual change in Saudi Arabia’s foreign policy approach to Syria. There are several reports indicating that bin Salman is seeking to “open diplomatic channels” with Syria. In recent weeks, secret meetings between Saudi and Syrian officials have taken place in Damascus, which have been unprecedented since 2011.
Barsam Mohammadi – analyst of international affairs

Perspective of Saudi-Syrian Relations

Strategic Council Online: A Middle East affairs analyst says Saudi Arabia seeks an opportunity to return to the Syrian scene, adding however that the role played by certain Arab states against Syria cannot be erased from the memory of Syrian nation and government.

Mohammed Bin Saddam

Strategic Council Online: The internal and foreign policies of the Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed Bin Salman, including domestic suppression amidst superficial reforms, aggression against other countries and subservience to foreign powers, have prompted some people to draw a comparison between him and the deceased Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.
Davoud Ahmadzadeh, Middle East Affairs Expert